Charming Southern Wedding at Rosegate


One look at Tracey and Billy’s wedding day immediately gives you all the southern vibes! From the two story rustic venue nestled amongst tall pines to the soft florals to the carefully crafted archway in which the bride and groom said I do with a 12 acre lake as their backdrop, the whole event was designed as though it was plucked out of a fairy tale. Rosegate was the perfect location for the laid back bride and groom who told me when I met them, “We just want to have the best day with our family and friends with minimal stress in a relaxed environment. I’d say Mr. and Mrs. Billy Seghini had just that, and it was an honor to be part of their wedding experience!

Billy and Tracey met through mutual friends a few years ago and had an instant connection. As they told me their story, I knew I would love working with them. They’re both really down to earth, easy going, and love to have fun! The Seghini wedding day was a complete joy. I met the bride and her best gal pals on the second floor of Rosegate, and was instantly in awe of the grandness this venue boasts. The decor and sheer design is classic with elegant furnishings. As the girls enjoyed mimosas and finished up hair and makeup, I started away with shooting the details of the day. Tracey’s Essense of Australia gown was a dreamy design that featured a lace bodice, silver toned beading and a breathtaking tulle train. It was as if the gown was designed specifically for the bride. The groom wore a dove gray suit that fit him like a glove. The bride and grooms first look was pure perfection! Billy’s reaction was priceless, and as I observed the two hug for the first time since seeing each other that day, I couldn’t help but tear up. Billy and Tracey’s love for each other is so deep and it is one that will stand the test of time.

The bride and groom said “I do” with a crowd of their dearest family and friends surrounding them in an intimate ceremony. Every face had a smile on it, most had tears in their eyes, and the sun started setting at the perfect time. A cool summer breeze blew off the lake as they recited their vows while the birds chirped softly in the background. After becoming husband and wife, Tracey and Billy had their first dance to “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran and then celebrated the night away. The couple made their exit underneath a stream of sparklers and drove off into the night in a 1959 Ford Skyliner belonging to the brides father. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day!!

Tracey and Billy - I have loved getting to know you guys! Your wedding day was so much fun, and I had a blast being part of it. Thank you for inviting me to play a small part in such an incredibly special time in your lives. I feel so blessed to call you friends, and can’t wait until our next shoot together! I hope you love looking back on your amazing wedding day!!! Big hugs, Shea

Seghini Wedding_-9.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-5.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-19.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-13.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-71.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-38.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-33.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-45.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-55.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-6.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-60.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-246.jpg
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Seghini Wedding_-83.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-89.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-256.jpg
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Seghini Wedding_-105.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-114.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-254.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-104.jpg
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Seghini Wedding_-107.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-125.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-123.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-120.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-128.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-132.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-133.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-137.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-143.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-148.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-144.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-283.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-186.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-191.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-198.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-286.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-156.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-207.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-211.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-214.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-209.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-216.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-239.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-242.jpg
Seghini Wedding_-243.jpg

I had such a great time working with Billy and Tracey’s vendors! This list of incredible people put on a fabulous event for the amazing couple, and I am so thankful to know them!!!

Venue: Rosegate Wedding/Reception Venue
Wedding Gown: Mimis Bridal
Bride's Shoes: Keds - Kate Spade
Bridesmaids Gowns: Vera Wang
Caterer: Susie Morgan
Florist: Susie Morgan
Second Shooter: Tyler Cook
DJ: Crowd Pleasers DJ & Karaoke
Hair Stylist: Paige Creel Workman
Makeup Artist: Marissa Farr
Wedding Cake: Megan Morris

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Romantic Summer Wedding at The Barn at Bridlewood


I had the BEST time working with Jennifer and Thomas this year! Their July 12th wedding was perfect in every way and it was such a blessing for me to be part of it. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jennifer for years, and when I found out she was engaged I couldn’t help but wonder who the guy was that had stolen her heart. I knew he had to be every bit as amazing as she is, because Jenn is truly one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. From the moment I met Thomas, I saw how dearly he adored Jennifer. These two are absolutely crazy about each other, and it was obvious by seeing the two of them together. With every single ounce of his soul and being, Thomas cares for Jenn. She is his very heart. Jennifer looks at Thomas as if he hung the moon. He is her prince charming head to toe. There were so many special moments and details from their wedding day, and I was crying from the second I saw Jennifer in her wedding dress.

Jenn and Thomas met while he was a student at William Carey and she was a student at Southern Miss. When a tornado demolished most of the Carey campus, the students came over to the University of Southern Mississippi for housing and classes. While working out at the Payne Center, the two met. They bonded almost instantly and were completely smitten with each other. The couple reminisced about the time they met during their engagement session, and talked about how everything that led them to one another was completely part of God’s plan. Jenn and Thomas are a shining example of how Christ loves His church and they live to glorify the Lord day in and day out.

The bride and her bridesmaids began the day by getting hair and makeup done at The Abbey Salon and Boutique, while the guys enjoyed their morning at the Stables on the Bridlewood property. Once the girls arrived, they popped the champagne and everyone drank a toast to the bride and groom. The earrings Jennifer wore belonged to her mother and the bracelet on her right wrist belonged to her grandmother. Jennifer’s Enyoani gown fit her like an absolute glove and in her hair she wore a delicate veil. Around the brides stunning bouquet, a charm containing her something blue was given to her by the grooms grandmother. A spray of hydrangeas, peonies, and white roses adorned the archway under which the bride and groom would say “I do” and an entryway especially built by the grooms father and sister added the perfect touch to the ceremony location.

As the bride took the grooms arm after walking down the aisle with her father, the two immediately clung to one another and I was in tears again. From the blessings they received by a life long friend of the grooms who presided over the ceremony, to the communion the couple shared, our Lord and Creator was present in every moment of Jennifer and Thomas’ wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, the newly married couple danced to “Better Together” and then dined on a delicious buffet prepared by Elements Catering and Floral Design. Jennifer and Thomas then boogied the night away with their dearest family and friends while DJ Sky Entertainment entertained the group. It was truly the most perfect day!

Jenn & Thomas - I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to know you two! It was such an honor to be part of the most amazing time in your lives, and I will forever be grateful that you chose me to be by your sides. I adore you more than I can ever say. As you continue your journey as husband and wife, know that I am always here in your corners cheering you guys on, and that you always have a true friend in me. I’m so happy to call you friends! I hope you enjoy looking back on your wedding day! All of my love and the biggest hugs, Shea

Roberson Wedding 2-6.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-24.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-15.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-14.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-23.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-8.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-16.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-35.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-5.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-49.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-46.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-66.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-67.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-57.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-51.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-62.jpg
Roberson Wedding 1-2.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-72.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-78.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-81.jpg
Roberson Wedding 1-6.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-93.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-111.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-114.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-116.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-112.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-125.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-129.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-143.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-186.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-187.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-203.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-191.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-213.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-217.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-155.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-159.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-170.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-172.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-235.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-228.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-241.jpg
Roberson Wedding 1-32.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-246.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-245.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-240.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-252.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-261.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-266.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-283.jpg
Roberson Sneak Peeks_-15.jpg

The Roberson wedding day was an absolute smash because so many amazing vendors worked extra hard to make everything perfect for the amazing couple!

Venue: The Barn at Bridlewood
Bride's Gown: Mimis Bridal
Second Shooter: Tyler Cook
Videography: Tommy Kirkpatrick
Florals: Elements Catering and Floral Design
Catering: Elements Catering and Floral Design
DJ: Sky Entertainment
Coordinator: Susan Long Lawson
Wedding Cake: Robin Monk
Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist: The Abbey Salon & Boutique

Summery & Southern Blush Wedding at The Barn at Bridlewood


When I met Halley, I instantly knew she would be wonderful to work with! She’s such a ray of sunshine, and kind right down to the core. It was also easy for me to imagine that the man she had chosen to share her life with would be the best of the best, and even though I knew I wouldn’t get to meet Cody until wedding day, I felt as though I would instantly like him. And all of my instincts were correct - Cody was an absolute gem! He’s down to earth, easy going, a laugh a minute, and just a a great dude to know. Both teachers at Petal High School, they share a love for educating and inspiring the youth they get to work with everyday. Cody is a coach and Halley is his biggest fan! I couldn’t imagine a more perfect pair who is ready to tackle anything and everything life throws their way!

Halley and Cody celebrated their union at The Barn at Bridlewood and centered it around faith, family, and love. The bride chose blush as her main accent color and kept all of the days details classic and elegant. I was so inspired by the all of the little things Halley and Cody chose to include on their wedding day that were so closely connected to who they are not only as individuals but as a couple. From Halley’s cowboy boots to the Petal football themed grooms table Cody had, every little detail told their story so perfectly. I won’t lie - I cried buckets at their event and I know I wasn’t alone. This couple is loved and cherished by so many, and its no wonder - they are such a shining example of how Christ loves his church and wants us to love one another. My favorite part of the day had to be the toasts given by members of the bridal party at the reception. Laughs, tears, and stories from childhood were shared by the bride and grooms family and friends, and each tale was incredibly moving. They then danced the night away to beats played by DJ Redzone, the brides brother in law, and celebrated the most perfect day with those they love the most.

Halley and Cody - I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to find the right words to express how thankful I am to know the two of you. I feel like I’ve known you guys my whole life, so it’s hard for me to imagine that our friendship began just last year. You two love each other SO WELL, and will always keep each the other laughing. It was an honor and a privilege to stand by your sides as you said “I do” to forever. Even as I type these words, I can’t help but get teary eyed all over again just remembering your beautiful wedding day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to capture the most amazing moments of your lives and I can’t wait until our next shoot together! I hope your honeymoon was amazing and that you love looking back at your wedding day as much as I do! All my love and the biggest hugs, Shea

Robertson Wedding 1_-13.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-14.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-15.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-2.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-11.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-4.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-38.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-35.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-4.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-20.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-26.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-169.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-4.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-48.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-50.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-53.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-43.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-28.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-61.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-55.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-63.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-45.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-2.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-46.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-41.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-72.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-73.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-79.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-6.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-83.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-87.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-88.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-85.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-102.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-93.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-96.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-97.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-104.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-119.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-127.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-121.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-36.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-125.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-130.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-136.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-134.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-179.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-177.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-23.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-26.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-17.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-11.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-25.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-28.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-32.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-31.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-35.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-126.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-34.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-33.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-38.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-54.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-40.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-55.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-59.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-52.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-43.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-200.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-196.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-189.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-194.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-182.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-64.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-65.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-66.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-72.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-80.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-98.jpg

An incredible team of vendors worked so hard to make the Robertson wedding day the fabulous celebration it was! It’s truly one that I will always cherish! Thank you to everyone who made Cody and Halley’s day so wonderful!

Venue: The Barn at Bridlewood

Caterer: Shelly's Catering 

Second Shooter: Tyler Cook

Decor: Lexi Thompson 

Florals: Simply Southern Wedding Florals

Wedding Cakes: Brenda Tyner 

Bride's Gown: Faulkenberys Meridian

Groom's Tux: Jos. A. Bank

Invitations: Bourne Brothers

Hair Stylist: Anna Carnahan 

Makeup Artist: Robin Malone Makeup

DJ: DJ Redzone 

Videographer: Ben Rickman