Romantic Old Spanish Villa Engagement Session


I knew that Mary Caitlin and Lucas would be a wonderful couple to work with the moment I met them! They are absolutely crazy about each other, and have the most incredible connection. I just adore the way they make each other laugh, and how Mary Caitlin thinks Lucas hung the moon. The two actually met in 1st grade but didn’t start dating until the summer before their senior years. They’ve been together for 5 years and when Lucas proposed at the lake house belonging to Mary Caitlin’s aunt, it was a total surprise. This groom-to-be went above and beyond to make his proposal a truly romantic one. Lucas built a gazebo specifically for that evening! He went all out by covering it with twinkle lights and when he got down on one knee to ask his best girl to become his wife, Mary Cailtin was blown away! I’m not sure it gets any more romantic than that, guys! As you can imagine, when they told me this story, I melted into a puddle!

The couple originally had their hearts set on an engagement session in a pecan grove, but changed their minds to a more downtown setting. I can’t say I was mad about it at all, because their old Spanish villa shoot is one of my faves! Mary Cailtin and Lucas were a blast to photograph. I had so much fun capturing their light hearted chemistry and truly enjoyed getting to know more about them as a couple. Lucas was on his way to Oklahoma the next day for work so I’m glad we were able to steal some time away just for the two of them before he headed out for a few weeks. We chatted over wedding day plans as we worked together and how the two just can’t wait to be married. I’m so excited for wedding day with Mary Caitlin and Lucas!

Mary Caitlin and Lucas - I can’t say enough incredible things about you guys! It’s so much fun being part of your journey to becoming husband and wife, and I feel so blessed to know the two of you. To say I am excited about celebrating you next year is an understatement! I hope you love looking back on your engagement session from last week! Big hugs, Shea

Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-9.jpg
Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-8.jpg
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Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-11.jpg
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Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-25.jpg
Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-35.jpg

Timeless Engagement Session in Downtown Hattiesburg


I had been looking forward to Emily and Rob’s engagement sessions for months! They are such a joyful couple with a special connection and the truest love for one another. When I met Emily for the first time over coffee, I instantly adored her. She’s so sweet, down to earth, and has such an inner glow about her. When she told me the story of how her and Rob met, a smile never left her face. Rob and Emily met through mutual friends. They knew each other casually but were never introduced until one fortuitous blind date at Chili's that set the course for where they are today. Their friends, who were dating at the time, thought they may make a good pair and so they set Rob and Emily up on a blind double date. Their connection was immediate. They traded jokes back and forth the entire night and neither of them were trying to disguise how they felt about the other. The blind date take took place right after they graduated from highschool, and the following summer would lead them in opposite directions for college - Rob to Mississippi State and Emily to Southern Miss. While they ran into each other over the years, neither were ready to let their guards down. They traveled far away, lived in different states, and attended graduate school eight hours apart. The stars weren’t ready to align for them just yet but one day in January 2018, Rob contacted Emily and asked her to coffee. They were in Hattiesburg for the Christmas break. Little by little they began talking more until eventually FaceTime became the standard. Soon enough Rob asked Emily to meet him in between their respective cities for a date and, as they say, the rest is history! Emily told me that their feelings for each other never really changed, but timing became the important factor. They needed time to grow individually and time to mature. God truly had a plan for them!

Emily and Rob showed up to their engagement session looking completely elegant in classic attire. Emily’s off the shoulder dress and heels paired perfectly with Rob’s blazer, dark slacks and dress shoes. As the two laughed and enjoyed each others company while strolling the streets of downtown Hattiesburg, I was so inspired by their natural joy. It was as if the whole world had disappeared around them and they were completely alone walking hand in hand. After we finished up shooting in downtown Hattiesburg, we traveled to a beautiful pecan grove where Emily and Rob changed into their 3rd outfits. The bride-to-be looked every bit the blushing bride in a fun, floral gown and the future groom’s outfit complimented hers so well. The day was SO HOT, but you would never know it from looking at the couples engagement session. They made every shot look effortless, happy, and every bit as perfect as they are.

Emily and Rob - I can’t WAIT for wedding day with you guys! You’re two of the most adorable humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I’m so blessed to be part of this time in your lives! Thank you for choosing me to accompany you on your journey to becoming husband and wife. I hope you love looking back on your engagement session from last Friday as much as I do!! Big hugs, Shea

Emily + Rob_-13.jpg
Emily + Rob_-9.jpg
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Emily + Rob_-52.jpg
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Emily + Rob_-50.jpg

Colorful Downtown Hattiesburg Rooftop Engagement Session


There is so much to love about Aaron and Kadee, and I think the best place to start is how they met! This sweet pair met on one of my favorite holidays of the year – the Fourth of July. The holiday itself is already so celebratory, but the day was made even more fun for Aaron and Kadee during a party along the Mississippi gulf coast that they both happened to attend. While they may have arrived not knowing each other, they obviously hit it off well because Aaron asked Kadee to be his date to a wedding the very next day.

Their relationship only continued after their first party together, and soon they were celebrating their engagement. Aaron planned a romantic proposal in the courtyard at Mary Mahoney’s. Then they enjoyed dinner together nearby at Patrick’s – a specific locale he had promised they would visit for the first time for a very special location.

When we met, Aaron and Kadee were already planning their romantic and elegant wedding at The Camelia House in Hattiesburg. To keep their upcoming wedding’s style in mind, we all wanted their engagement session to have the same feel. Their intimate session started in a beautiful courtyard, and I have to note how much I loved their style! They each wore jeans, and his shirt and her blouse were bright on their own but so complimentary of each other.

Just after, both A+K changed into their second outfti – a light blazer and jeans for him and a button down white dress with a fun bow for her – for the second part of their session. Kadee had dreamed of a rooftop session, so a rooftop during golden hour was the perfect spot to look out over Downtown Hattiesburg to capture the final photos of their shoot. After witnessing these two in front of my camera, I cannot wait to capture Aaron and Kadee’s southern wedding so soon!

Kadee & Aaron - I have loved every second of working with you guys! It’s such a blessing to be part of this amazing time in your lives, and I can’t wait to celebrate you this fall! I hope you love looking back on your engagement session! Big hugs, Shea


Romantic Summer Wedding at The Barn at Bridlewood


I had the BEST time working with Jennifer and Thomas this year! Their July 12th wedding was perfect in every way and it was such a blessing for me to be part of it. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jennifer for years, and when I found out she was engaged I couldn’t help but wonder who the guy was that had stolen her heart. I knew he had to be every bit as amazing as she is, because Jenn is truly one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. From the moment I met Thomas, I saw how dearly he adored Jennifer. These two are absolutely crazy about each other, and it was obvious by seeing the two of them together. With every single ounce of his soul and being, Thomas cares for Jenn. She is his very heart. Jennifer looks at Thomas as if he hung the moon. He is her prince charming head to toe. There were so many special moments and details from their wedding day, and I was crying from the second I saw Jennifer in her wedding dress.

Jenn and Thomas met while he was a student at William Carey and she was a student at Southern Miss. When a tornado demolished most of the Carey campus, the students came over to the University of Southern Mississippi for housing and classes. While working out at the Payne Center, the two met. They bonded almost instantly and were completely smitten with each other. The couple reminisced about the time they met during their engagement session, and talked about how everything that led them to one another was completely part of God’s plan. Jenn and Thomas are a shining example of how Christ loves His church and they live to glorify the Lord day in and day out.

The bride and her bridesmaids began the day by getting hair and makeup done at The Abbey Salon and Boutique, while the guys enjoyed their morning at the Stables on the Bridlewood property. Once the girls arrived, they popped the champagne and everyone drank a toast to the bride and groom. The earrings Jennifer wore belonged to her mother and the bracelet on her right wrist belonged to her grandmother. Jennifer’s Enyoani gown fit her like an absolute glove and in her hair she wore a delicate veil. Around the brides stunning bouquet, a charm containing her something blue was given to her by the grooms grandmother. A spray of hydrangeas, peonies, and white roses adorned the archway under which the bride and groom would say “I do” and an entryway especially built by the grooms father and sister added the perfect touch to the ceremony location.

As the bride took the grooms arm after walking down the aisle with her father, the two immediately clung to one another and I was in tears again. From the blessings they received by a life long friend of the grooms who presided over the ceremony, to the communion the couple shared, our Lord and Creator was present in every moment of Jennifer and Thomas’ wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, the newly married couple danced to “Better Together” and then dined on a delicious buffet prepared by Elements Catering and Floral Design. Jennifer and Thomas then boogied the night away with their dearest family and friends while DJ Sky Entertainment entertained the group. It was truly the most perfect day!

Jenn & Thomas - I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to know you two! It was such an honor to be part of the most amazing time in your lives, and I will forever be grateful that you chose me to be by your sides. I adore you more than I can ever say. As you continue your journey as husband and wife, know that I am always here in your corners cheering you guys on, and that you always have a true friend in me. I’m so happy to call you friends! I hope you enjoy looking back on your wedding day! All of my love and the biggest hugs, Shea

Roberson Wedding 2-6.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-24.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-15.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-14.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-23.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-8.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-16.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-35.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-5.jpg
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Roberson Wedding 2-57.jpg
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Roberson Wedding 2-116.jpg
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Roberson Wedding 2-125.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-129.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-143.jpg
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Roberson Wedding 2-187.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-203.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-191.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-213.jpg
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Roberson Wedding 2-155.jpg
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Roberson Wedding 2-172.jpg
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Roberson Wedding 2-228.jpg
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Roberson Wedding 1-32.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-246.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-245.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-240.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-252.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-261.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-266.jpg
Roberson Wedding 2-283.jpg
Roberson Sneak Peeks_-15.jpg

The Roberson wedding day was an absolute smash because so many amazing vendors worked extra hard to make everything perfect for the amazing couple!

Venue: The Barn at Bridlewood
Bride's Gown: Mimis Bridal
Second Shooter: Tyler Cook
Videography: Tommy Kirkpatrick
Florals: Elements Catering and Floral Design
Catering: Elements Catering and Floral Design
DJ: Sky Entertainment
Coordinator: Susan Long Lawson
Wedding Cake: Robin Monk
Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist: The Abbey Salon & Boutique

Summery & Southern Blush Wedding at The Barn at Bridlewood


When I met Halley, I instantly knew she would be wonderful to work with! She’s such a ray of sunshine, and kind right down to the core. It was also easy for me to imagine that the man she had chosen to share her life with would be the best of the best, and even though I knew I wouldn’t get to meet Cody until wedding day, I felt as though I would instantly like him. And all of my instincts were correct - Cody was an absolute gem! He’s down to earth, easy going, a laugh a minute, and just a a great dude to know. Both teachers at Petal High School, they share a love for educating and inspiring the youth they get to work with everyday. Cody is a coach and Halley is his biggest fan! I couldn’t imagine a more perfect pair who is ready to tackle anything and everything life throws their way!

Halley and Cody celebrated their union at The Barn at Bridlewood and centered it around faith, family, and love. The bride chose blush as her main accent color and kept all of the days details classic and elegant. I was so inspired by the all of the little things Halley and Cody chose to include on their wedding day that were so closely connected to who they are not only as individuals but as a couple. From Halley’s cowboy boots to the Petal football themed grooms table Cody had, every little detail told their story so perfectly. I won’t lie - I cried buckets at their event and I know I wasn’t alone. This couple is loved and cherished by so many, and its no wonder - they are such a shining example of how Christ loves his church and wants us to love one another. My favorite part of the day had to be the toasts given by members of the bridal party at the reception. Laughs, tears, and stories from childhood were shared by the bride and grooms family and friends, and each tale was incredibly moving. They then danced the night away to beats played by DJ Redzone, the brides brother in law, and celebrated the most perfect day with those they love the most.

Halley and Cody - I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to find the right words to express how thankful I am to know the two of you. I feel like I’ve known you guys my whole life, so it’s hard for me to imagine that our friendship began just last year. You two love each other SO WELL, and will always keep each the other laughing. It was an honor and a privilege to stand by your sides as you said “I do” to forever. Even as I type these words, I can’t help but get teary eyed all over again just remembering your beautiful wedding day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to capture the most amazing moments of your lives and I can’t wait until our next shoot together! I hope your honeymoon was amazing and that you love looking back at your wedding day as much as I do! All my love and the biggest hugs, Shea

Robertson Wedding 1_-13.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-14.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-15.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-2.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-11.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-4.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-38.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-35.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-4.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-20.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-26.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-169.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-4.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-48.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-50.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-53.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-43.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-28.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-61.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-55.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-63.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-45.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-2.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-46.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-41.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-72.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-73.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-79.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-6.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-83.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-87.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-88.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-85.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-102.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-93.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-96.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-97.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-104.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-119.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-127.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-121.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-36.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-125.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-130.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-136.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-134.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-179.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-177.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-23.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-26.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-17.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-11.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-25.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-28.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-32.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-31.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-35.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-126.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-34.jpg
Robertson Wedding 3-33.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-38.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-54.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-40.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-55.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-59.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-52.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-43.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-200.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-196.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-189.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-194.jpg
Robertson Wedding 1_-182.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-64.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-65.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-66.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-72.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-80.jpg
Robertson Wedding 2_-98.jpg

An incredible team of vendors worked so hard to make the Robertson wedding day the fabulous celebration it was! It’s truly one that I will always cherish! Thank you to everyone who made Cody and Halley’s day so wonderful!

Venue: The Barn at Bridlewood

Caterer: Shelly's Catering 

Second Shooter: Tyler Cook

Decor: Lexi Thompson 

Florals: Simply Southern Wedding Florals

Wedding Cakes: Brenda Tyner 

Bride's Gown: Faulkenberys Meridian

Groom's Tux: Jos. A. Bank

Invitations: Bourne Brothers

Hair Stylist: Anna Carnahan 

Makeup Artist: Robin Malone Makeup

DJ: DJ Redzone 

Videographer: Ben Rickman

Enchanting and Elegant Downtown Hattiesburg Wedding


When Doug and Hannah met while attending The University of Southern Mississippi, sparks flew from the very start! Over the years that they spent dating, they talked about what forever might look like for them, and knew that their families would play an integral part in their journey to becoming husband and wife. When Doug proposed, their dearest loved ones surrounded them and it was the happiest of events. Hannah believed they were going to dinner at Olive Garden, but little did she know that Doug had a whole affair planned where their families would be able to be part of the day he asked his best girl to be his bride. He gave Hannah a stunning diamond belonging to her mother that was set into an elegant diamond band. Truly elegant and so incredibly special because the diamond belonged to her mother, Hannah happily said “Yes” as Doug placed the ring on her finger.

Hannah and Doug chose The Venue at the Bakery Building as their wedding venue, and they couldn’t have made a more fantastic choice to go with their elegant wedding vibe. Originally built in 1927, The Bakery Building served as a full-scale bakery for many years nestled in the heart of downtown Hattiesburg. It’s the perfect fusion of historic character and modern urban industrial chic. This one-of-a-kind atmosphere with semi-private nooks, open lounge areas, and a large multi-purpose space is an ideal location for those couples who want both an indoor and outdoor option on their wedding day. With a spacious garden area featuring a large deck and string lights, the two made the decision to host their wedding outside surrounded by their loved ones. Hannah wanted an abundance of romantic florals and greenery to be involved in her day. Blooms: A Garden Shop captured the brides vision in stunning fashion. The couple chose sage and peachy pink as their go to color scheme.

The classic, romantic style of the day was complimented by all of the details the bride and groom chose to be part of their wedding. In Hannah’s bouquet, she carried a locket featuring a picture of her mother, and after walking down the aisle, the bride and her father lit a candle in remembrance of her. Hannah wore a stunning off the shoulder Bliss Bridal gown featuring a sweetheart neckline, delicate shoulder straps and intricate beading. A handmade wooden cross made for a reverent backdrop for the wedding ceremony and it was adorned with a stunning arrangement of roses, garden roses, and sweet pea. Their religious ceremony included communion in which the grooms brother led both families.

After saying, “I do”, the couple headed into their reception where they dined on a delicious buffet style dinner and lots of sweets! The bride has a sweet tooth, and her request was that there be candy, cake, and donuts at her reception. The bride had three cakes surrounded by her favorite donuts, while the grooms cake and table featured his favorite football team - the New Orleans Saints. The couple exited from their reception underneath a line of sparklers and starry skies. Hannah and Doug hopped into a convertible Mustang and waved goodbye to their family and friends bound for their honeymoon in Cancun!

Hannah and Doug, I’ll never forget being part of such an amazing time in your lives! Your day was the absolute dreamiest and full of all the best things. I don’t think I’ll ever find the right words to express just how thankful I am to have been by your sides on your journey to becoming husband and wife. It was such an honor! I hope you enjoy looking back at your wedding day, and I’m sending you guys my biggest hugs!! Shea

Stewart Wedding 2_-27.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-29.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-25.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-39.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-5.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-16.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-7.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-22.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-219.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-236.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-239.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-51.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-48.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-9.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-34.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-77.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-11.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-12.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-63.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-64.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-71.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-79.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-16.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-15.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-92.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-38.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-118.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-115.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-121.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-106.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-110.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-131.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-129.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-136.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-99.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-104.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-95.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-139.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-234.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-148.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-147.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-246.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-243.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-241.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-194.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-181.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-184.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-179.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-64.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-21.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-66.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-65.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-66.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-70.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-94.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-85.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-67.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-18.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-78.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-79.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-58.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-100.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-24.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-41.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-47.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-187.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-191.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-213.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-210.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-195.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-214.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-205.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-204.jpg
Stewart Wedding 2_-202.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-14.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-30.jpg
Stewart Wedding 1-86.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-44.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-50.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-97.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-3.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-90.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-56.jpg
Stewart Wedding 3-60.jpg

So many amazing vendors made Hannah & Doug’s wedding day the absolute fairy tale that it was! I couldn’t be more thankful to have worked with such an amazing group of talented and hard working individuals! It was such a pleasure to work with each and every one of them!

Venue: The Venue at The Bakery Building 
Caterer: Special Events Catering 
Videographer: RedSail 
Second Shooter: Timothy Samuel King 
Florist: Blooms: a Garden Shop
Wedding Cake: Rhoda's Cakes & Catering 
Bride's Gown: Bliss Bridal, Hattiesburg MS 
Bridesmaids Gowns: AZAZIE
Groom's Tux: Men's Wearhouse
Invitations: Your Stationery Stop 
Hair Stylist: Jennifer Lee Meadows - The Meadows Salon & Spa 
Makeup Artist: Taylor Carlton - The Meadows Salon & Spa 
DJ: Clay Parker 
Lead Assistant: Mackenzie Huff
Grooms Cake: Cassi Renot 

Southern & Sweet Spring Wedding at Cold Springs


On a perfect sunny day two weekends ago, Brittney and Eric said “I do” to forever! The forecast called for rain and chilly temps, but the Lord had other plans. Sunshine and warm weather was enjoyed by all who watched the two become husband and wife. The day started with the bride handwriting notes to everyone near and dear to her. Then, with her bride tribe, she was pampered by the talented staff at Loose Ends Salon. The bride selected floral robes for her bridesmaids, mother, little sister, and future mother in law as their getting ready outfits, and they were OH SO CUTE! While Brittney finished hair and makeup, I slipped out to photograph her gorgeous details. She took so much care in selecting the details that would tell her and Eric’s story. A variation of shades of blue and pink decorated the day for the two with the bridesmaids in dresses from David’s Bridal in quartz and the guys in navy suits from John White, Ltd. The bridal flowers were the perfect touch to add to this already sweet southern wedding. White roses, hydrangeas, sea holly, eucalyptus, and sand dollars made for the most beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres. As a tribute to her father, a local farmer, the bride even added a a hint of cabbage to her bouquet. Her grandmothers handkerchief was wrapped delicately around the stems. As Brittney slipped into her stunning lace dress from Imaginations with intricate beading, she donned a single strand of white pearls around her neck that also belonged to her grandmother. A pair of blue jewel earrings and a pair of powder blue flats gave the bride her something blue. After tearful first looks with her father and bridesmaids, her mother carefully placed her cathedral length veil into her hair and readied her to walk down the aisle. As her bridesmaids prayed over her, with her family’s heads carefully bowed around, I was overwhelmed with the love in the room. The prayers were not only for Brittney, but for her future husband and the family that God would hopefully bless them with one day. After the prayers were said, it was time for Brittney to take her fathers arm and walk toward her best friend.

Not an eye was dry in the church during Brittney and Eric’s ceremony. The couple wrote their own vows and lovingly read those aloud to one another. Every word was laced in love and devotion. The wedding ceremony also consisted of the Lord’s supper and a sand ceremony. As the bride laid her head on her husband’s shoulder as prayers were said, I took a moment to say my own special prayer for the couple. Marriage is such a blessing. I prayed that their lives would be full, happy, and that they would find constant companionship in one another. That they would never go to bed angry at the other, and that the Lord would watch over and guide them throughout the rest of their days.

After kissing his bride, Eric took her hand and walked back down the aisle with his wife at his side. Cheers were heard all around and the two shared a private moment alone before joining the reception where a gorgeous 4 tier wedding cake prepared by Monkey Kisses was enjoyed by all. The bride opted for a nontraditional bouquet toss where instead of throwing a bouquet for a single lady to catch, she handed out individual roses to them. After handing out the roses, she prayed with them for the future wives they would be and that the right Godly man would come along to walk with them as their partners in life.

The couples send off was so much fun! Heart shaped confetti decorated the two as they walked towards their getaway car: a vintage red camaro! It was the most amazing end to the most amazing day. I stole Brittney and Eric away for their husband and wife portraits during golden hour, and every single shot was breathtaking. These two love each other so completely! The magic just happens when they’re together, and I feel so blessed that I was the one they chose to capture their love! Brittney and Eric - I just adore you guys! You’re shining beacons for Christ and your love is so pure! Love one another as our Lord loves his church, and your days will be full and truly blessed. I am so thankful to know you. It was such an honor to be by your sides as you joined the married folks club. Welcome, and thank you for the opportunity to serve you! Big hugs and all of my love, Shea

Cooper Husband & Wife Portraits_-13.jpg
Cooper Husband & Wife Portraits_-6.jpg
Cooper Husband & Wife Portraits_-22.jpg
Cooper Wedding - TC-75.jpg
Cooper Husband & Wife Portraits_-34.jpg
Cooper Husband & Wife Portraits_-14.jpg
Cooper Wedding - TC-78.jpg
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