Charming Stringer Mississippi Engagement Session


Sometimes relationships develop over decades, and Emily and Luke’s story is such a sweet example of that truth! These two have known each other since they were little. After years of friendship, their relationship blossomed into more while they were in high school. But, the timing wasn’t quite right. When something is meant to be it will be, and E+L reconnected while Emily was a student at Mississippi State.  

Football season is one of the best times of year to be a southerner. When Luke learned Emily was still a student at Mississippi State, he decided to return to his alma matter to do more than cheer for his favorite football team. He contacted one of Emily’s friends, borrowed a ticket to a game, and conveniently found a seat next to Emily. By the end of the game, Emily and Luke’s relationship had started again making football season even better!

When it was time to propose, Luke knew he wanted to celebrate, but he wanted his proposal to Emily to be shared in the moment between the two of them. And, he made sure it was romantic. Once she officially said yes, they went to Emily’s parents’ house where their friends and family were waiting for a crawfish boil to celebrate.

These two were such naturals in front of my camera, and I cannot wait until they are in front of my lens again soon for their Green Gates Farmhouse wedding day in Stringer! Based on their engagement session style, I can already tell their soiree will be elegant, timeless, and completely charming. I can’t wait!

Emily and Luke - I’m so blessed to know the two of you! Thank you for letting me be part of such an incredible time in your lives! To say I am ready for wedding day is an understatement! I hope you enjoy looking back on your engagement sesh! Big hugs, Shea


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Romantic Old Spanish Villa Engagement Session


I knew that Mary Caitlin and Lucas would be a wonderful couple to work with the moment I met them! They are absolutely crazy about each other, and have the most incredible connection. I just adore the way they make each other laugh, and how Mary Caitlin thinks Lucas hung the moon. The two actually met in 1st grade but didn’t start dating until the summer before their senior years. They’ve been together for 5 years and when Lucas proposed at the lake house belonging to Mary Caitlin’s aunt, it was a total surprise. This groom-to-be went above and beyond to make his proposal a truly romantic one. Lucas built a gazebo specifically for that evening! He went all out by covering it with twinkle lights and when he got down on one knee to ask his best girl to become his wife, Mary Cailtin was blown away! I’m not sure it gets any more romantic than that, guys! As you can imagine, when they told me this story, I melted into a puddle!

The couple originally had their hearts set on an engagement session in a pecan grove, but changed their minds to a more downtown setting. I can’t say I was mad about it at all, because their old Spanish villa shoot is one of my faves! Mary Cailtin and Lucas were a blast to photograph. I had so much fun capturing their light hearted chemistry and truly enjoyed getting to know more about them as a couple. Lucas was on his way to Oklahoma the next day for work so I’m glad we were able to steal some time away just for the two of them before he headed out for a few weeks. We chatted over wedding day plans as we worked together and how the two just can’t wait to be married. I’m so excited for wedding day with Mary Caitlin and Lucas!

Mary Caitlin and Lucas - I can’t say enough incredible things about you guys! It’s so much fun being part of your journey to becoming husband and wife, and I feel so blessed to know the two of you. To say I am excited about celebrating you next year is an understatement! I hope you love looking back on your engagement session from last week! Big hugs, Shea

Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-9.jpg
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Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-11.jpg
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Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-30.jpg
Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-39.jpg
Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-28.jpg
Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-21.jpg
Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-23.jpg
Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-25.jpg
Mary Caitlin & Lucas Engagement_-35.jpg

Timeless Engagement Session in Downtown Hattiesburg


I had been looking forward to Emily and Rob’s engagement sessions for months! They are such a joyful couple with a special connection and the truest love for one another. When I met Emily for the first time over coffee, I instantly adored her. She’s so sweet, down to earth, and has such an inner glow about her. When she told me the story of how her and Rob met, a smile never left her face. Rob and Emily met through mutual friends. They knew each other casually but were never introduced until one fortuitous blind date at Chili's that set the course for where they are today. Their friends, who were dating at the time, thought they may make a good pair and so they set Rob and Emily up on a blind double date. Their connection was immediate. They traded jokes back and forth the entire night and neither of them were trying to disguise how they felt about the other. The blind date take took place right after they graduated from highschool, and the following summer would lead them in opposite directions for college - Rob to Mississippi State and Emily to Southern Miss. While they ran into each other over the years, neither were ready to let their guards down. They traveled far away, lived in different states, and attended graduate school eight hours apart. The stars weren’t ready to align for them just yet but one day in January 2018, Rob contacted Emily and asked her to coffee. They were in Hattiesburg for the Christmas break. Little by little they began talking more until eventually FaceTime became the standard. Soon enough Rob asked Emily to meet him in between their respective cities for a date and, as they say, the rest is history! Emily told me that their feelings for each other never really changed, but timing became the important factor. They needed time to grow individually and time to mature. God truly had a plan for them!

Emily and Rob showed up to their engagement session looking completely elegant in classic attire. Emily’s off the shoulder dress and heels paired perfectly with Rob’s blazer, dark slacks and dress shoes. As the two laughed and enjoyed each others company while strolling the streets of downtown Hattiesburg, I was so inspired by their natural joy. It was as if the whole world had disappeared around them and they were completely alone walking hand in hand. After we finished up shooting in downtown Hattiesburg, we traveled to a beautiful pecan grove where Emily and Rob changed into their 3rd outfits. The bride-to-be looked every bit the blushing bride in a fun, floral gown and the future groom’s outfit complimented hers so well. The day was SO HOT, but you would never know it from looking at the couples engagement session. They made every shot look effortless, happy, and every bit as perfect as they are.

Emily and Rob - I can’t WAIT for wedding day with you guys! You’re two of the most adorable humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I’m so blessed to be part of this time in your lives! Thank you for choosing me to accompany you on your journey to becoming husband and wife. I hope you love looking back on your engagement session from last Friday as much as I do!! Big hugs, Shea

Emily + Rob_-13.jpg
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Colorful Downtown Hattiesburg Rooftop Engagement Session


There is so much to love about Aaron and Kadee, and I think the best place to start is how they met! This sweet pair met on one of my favorite holidays of the year – the Fourth of July. The holiday itself is already so celebratory, but the day was made even more fun for Aaron and Kadee during a party along the Mississippi gulf coast that they both happened to attend. While they may have arrived not knowing each other, they obviously hit it off well because Aaron asked Kadee to be his date to a wedding the very next day.

Their relationship only continued after their first party together, and soon they were celebrating their engagement. Aaron planned a romantic proposal in the courtyard at Mary Mahoney’s. Then they enjoyed dinner together nearby at Patrick’s – a specific locale he had promised they would visit for the first time for a very special location.

When we met, Aaron and Kadee were already planning their romantic and elegant wedding at The Camelia House in Hattiesburg. To keep their upcoming wedding’s style in mind, we all wanted their engagement session to have the same feel. Their intimate session started in a beautiful courtyard, and I have to note how much I loved their style! They each wore jeans, and his shirt and her blouse were bright on their own but so complimentary of each other.

Just after, both A+K changed into their second outfti – a light blazer and jeans for him and a button down white dress with a fun bow for her – for the second part of their session. Kadee had dreamed of a rooftop session, so a rooftop during golden hour was the perfect spot to look out over Downtown Hattiesburg to capture the final photos of their shoot. After witnessing these two in front of my camera, I cannot wait to capture Aaron and Kadee’s southern wedding so soon!

Kadee & Aaron - I have loved every second of working with you guys! It’s such a blessing to be part of this amazing time in your lives, and I can’t wait to celebrate you this fall! I hope you love looking back on your engagement session! Big hugs, Shea


Rustic Engagement Session at Rasberry Greene

When Marley and Cameron met as students at The University of Southern Mississippi, they instantly connected! These two light up a room just by being in it. When Cameron planned the perfect proposal, he really went all out! He made a video documenting it all - buying the ring, why he wanted to marry Marley, and the actual proposal on the campus of their beloved Southern Miss. As he got down on one knee in front of Kennard Washington Hall with the Dome as the backdrop, he plucked the ring from the middle of roses made into the shape of a heart and asked his best girl to spend forever with him. An e-sesh at Rasberry Greene was just what the two wanted from the start with its rustic setting and jaw dropping pines.

We had so much fun covering the grounds at Rasberry Greene! This gorgeous venue and its kind hearted owners are too perfect for words. It is a historic wedding and event venue located in the heart of Soso, Mississippi. The Gin features a wrap-around porch with views of a beautiful tree lined lake. The setting was magical and so were Marley and Cameron. As the two walked along hand in hand, I couldn’t help but think about how they’d grown as a couple over the years. They are, truly, a perfect match!

Marley and Cameron, I can’t thank you enough for letting me be part of this incredible time in your lives! It has been such a blessing to know the both of you, and to be by your sides as you become husband and wife is truly an honor. I can’t wait for wedding day with you guys at Dogwood! It’s going to be the BEST day!! I hope you love this little look back at your engagement session! Big hugs and all of my love, Shea

Barnhill Engagement_-8.jpg
Barnhill Engagement_-31.jpg
Barnhill Engagement_-56.jpg
Barnhill Engagement_-30.jpg
Barnhill Engagement_-81.jpg
Barnhill Engagement_-66.jpg
Barnhill Engagement_-48.jpg
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Barnhill Engagement_-102.jpg
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Barnhill Engagement_-90.jpg

A Cozy and Rustic Engagement Session at the Farm

Eric and Brittney met through mutual friends back in November 2017. What was interesting is that the two different sets of friends were trying to fix them up with one another unbeknownst to either parties. I’d say that folks just knew they were meant to be, and so did they! Eric and Brittney knew there was something truly special about one another from the very start. He said he knew Brittney was the one when they were out together feeding the cattle one evening. “I don’t know how I knew, I just knew,” Eric said. He continued, “there wasn’t anything special happening. We were just taking care of the animals together, and I looked over at her, and thought this is the woman I want to grow old with.” Of course they were smiling from ear to ear as they recounted their story of how they met and how they fell in love to me as we dined together. There’s crazy chemistry between these two lovebirds! Eric proposed one night after their 6 month anniversary on a farm surrounded by twinkle lights and candles as music played softly in the background. Little did Brittney know that their family was secretly waiting to surprise the couple after Eric popped the question. “I prayed like I’ve never prayed before that this beautiful woman would say she’d marry me,” he said. As Brittney exclaimed “YES” the two were surrounded by their loved ones and they spent the rest of the evening celebrating their perfect engagement!

I knew the farm was going to be the spot for their shoot from the beginning! These two love to be surrounded by nature and the rustic vibes that make up a farm. Their engagement shoot couldn’t have been sweeter! The couple enjoyed a picnic while cozied up together underneath Brittney’s grandmothers quilts. It was a bit chilly that afternoon, but you’d never know it. Brittney and Eric spent their their time laughing and simply loving on one another. It was engagement session heaven, and I was in it! The future Mr. and Mrs. Cooper came dressed styled to perfection. Brittney wore two gorgeous dresses and carried a bouquet made of babies breath while Eric sported a set of boots and a cowboy hat. The bride to be also wore the most stunning pieces of jewelry from the store where she works: Carter’s Jewelry of Petal. Theirs is definitely an engagement sesh I will always remember!

Eric and Brittney, I am sooooooo ready for wedding day with you guys!! Thank you for choosing me to be part of your journey to becoming husband and wife. I have loved every minute of working with and getting to know you two! I have SO many favorites from your shoot, and I’m excited for you to see just a few of them here! Big hugs, Shea

Cooper Engagement_-25.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-67.jpg
Cooper Engagement_.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-68.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-24.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-15.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-30.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-57.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-66.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-29.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-36.jpg
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Cooper Engagement_-60.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-64.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-48.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-23.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-20.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-14.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-34.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-7.jpg
Cooper Engagement_-42.jpg

An Elegant Winter Engagement Session in Downtown Hattiesburg

I can’t imagine having wrapped up my engagement sessions for the year with any other couple than Zach and Audrey! When I met Audrey for the first time, it was over cupcakes and coffee at Smallcakes. Cupcakes + wedding planning = GOOD TIMES! She was bubbly and every bit as personable as I knew she would be! We got to chat over how she and Zach met and how he proposed. And when she showed me her ring, I had ALL the heart eyes! A perfectly exquisite 1.25 marquise cut diamond sits in a platinum band and is accompanied by two adjacent diamonds. Best part about it?! It belonged to her grandmother! *swoon* Zach proposed after 2 years of dating over Mardi Gras break in fabulous New Orleans. The duo were celebrating with her family when he popped the question! SO excited he did because I got to meet a fellow DG sister to wedding plan with!!!

Originally, Audrey had her heart set on a Christmas tree farm shoot but when she saw a recent e-sesh I had with another sweet couple of mine, she changed her mind and wanted to go all GLAM in downtown Hattiesburg! You know your girl was on board with that idea 110%! And so the two showed up looking every bit as stylish and elegant as she planned them to be. Talk about the ideal couple! They giggled and smiled and posed perfectly for every. shot.!! And they laughed at me, of course, because there’s no shortage of antics when we’re on location! I fall off my ladder no less than 97 times, and I’m always saying something ridiculous! We chased the most beautiful lighting and when it was time for golden hour to shine on us, well, you’ll see for yourself. Let’s just say - things were so so dreamy!

Audrey and Zach, you peeps are the GREATEST! Thank you for choosing me to walk along side you as you continue your journey to becoming husband and wife! Marriage is a beautiful blessing, and I can’t wait for you to join the married folks club! I am SO totally excited about your wedding day next November, fam!! I hope you enjoy some of my faves from your glamorous engagement sesh! Big hugs, Shea

Audrey & Zach Engagement_-31.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-4.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-7.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-27.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-46.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-28.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-11.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-41.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-36.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-8.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-33.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-54.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-29.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-49.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-16.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-20.jpg
Audrey & Zach Engagement_-55.jpg

Glamorous Engagement Session in Downtown Hattiesburg

When I met Elizabeth and Adam for the first time earlier this year, I was struck by how powerful they seemed as a couple. I know that may sound crazy, but that’s the word that resonated the most with me when I saw them together. It was obvious within the first few minutes of making their acquaintance that they were head over heels in love with one another, but I was completely entranced with how much they truly adored one another. On their own they are equally successful, strong, advantageous individuals but together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Theirs is the kind of love that will see them through the deepest valleys and the highest peaks. Already each others rock, it’s so obvious that they will only continue to fall more in love with one another as they grow old together. I feel so incredibly to know them and to be part of this magical time in their lives.

Elizabeth told me that she wanted to go glam for their e-sesh and that she wanted to use downtown Hattiesburg as the location for their shoot. You know I was all happy dance and heart eyes when I heard this. But THEN she dropped another tid bit of info on me - she wanted to have graffiti in the background of the shoot, and she already had those locations chosen. PAUSE. Sooooo, not gonna lie - I was a little scared. That’s not usually the kind of thing I shoot, BUT I’m always up for trying new things so into downtown we headed to shoot in the spots she had carefully picked out. And you know what?! IT. WAS. MAGIC. Hands down, one of the most GORGEOUS engagement shoots I’ve ever had!! These two stepped out of their car looking like they were ready to walk the red carpet. They oozed timeless, classical energy and it was breathtaking. Can you guess who’s ready for their wedding day?! Meeeeeeeee!!!!

Elizabeth and Adam, you two are simply the BEST! Thank you SO much for choosing me to be part of your journeys to becoming man and wife. You already love each other so well and make the most magnificent team. I’m so lucky to have been part of your e-sesh. I hope you love these images as much as I do! See you soon! Big hugs, Shea

Adam & Elizabeth_-2.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-8.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-35.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-49.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-43.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-33.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-28.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-14.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-58.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-13.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-10.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-60.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-11.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-52.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-32.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-21.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-25.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-3.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_-39.jpg
Adam & Elizabeth_.jpg

Cozy Fall Engagement Session in Downtown Hattiesburg

There is so much joy and so much love shared between this amazing couple! When I saw that Doug proposed to Hannah, I remember saying a little prayer that I would get a call from the two of them! I was ECSTATIC when I heard from Hannah and we immediately started planning! It was a few years ago that I met Hannah’s sister, Nicole, and we became friends. Last year, when their sister, Alisha, needed senior portraits, I got to work with her and that’s when I met Hannah for the first time. All of the Magee girls are simply gorgeous and have hearts of pure gold. It wasn’t long after meeting her that Hannah contacted me to shoot her college senior portraits and it was then that I got to hear all about this amazing man she’d been dating who had totally swept her off her feet!

Doug’s proposal was a complete surprise! Hannah was sure they were going to dinner for his birthday, which was right before the proposal, and lo and behold he popped the question! Surrounded by their family and friends, Hannah said, “YES!” Doug gave his favorite girl the perfect ring which was made with the most stunning diamond belonging to Hannah’s beloved mother. Their love story is one that fairy tales are made of, y’all. You can tell within minutes of meeting them that they are a perfect match. Doug keeps her laughing and she always keeps him smiling. Their engagement sesh was such a BREEZE because their chemistry is just so natural! We started out in a local pecan grove and then moved into downtown Hattiesburg where the fall colors were out in full force. It was such a dreamy shoot, and we had so much fun!

Hannah and Doug, it is such a blessing to be part of this amazing time in your lives! Y’all are an incredible pair, and I feel so lucky to know you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to capture these precious moments in time for you! Can’t wait for your wedding day at The Venue! I hope you love these images from your esesh as much as I do! Big hugs, Shea

Hannah & Doug Engagement_-37.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-14.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-63.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-50.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-9.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-47.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-3.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-64.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-43.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-4.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-58.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-45.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-32.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-62.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-17.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-66.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-7.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-24.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-65.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-56.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-54.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-26.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-5.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-28.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-60.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-12.jpg
Hannah & Doug Engagement_-39.jpg