Southern & Sweet Spring Wedding at Cold Springs


On a perfect sunny day two weekends ago, Brittney and Eric said “I do” to forever! The forecast called for rain and chilly temps, but the Lord had other plans. Sunshine and warm weather was enjoyed by all who watched the two become husband and wife. The day started with the bride handwriting notes to everyone near and dear to her. Then, with her bride tribe, she was pampered by the talented staff at Loose Ends Salon. The bride selected floral robes for her bridesmaids, mother, little sister, and future mother in law as their getting ready outfits, and they were OH SO CUTE! While Brittney finished hair and makeup, I slipped out to photograph her gorgeous details. She took so much care in selecting the details that would tell her and Eric’s story. A variation of shades of blue and pink decorated the day for the two with the bridesmaids in dresses from David’s Bridal in quartz and the guys in navy suits from John White, Ltd. The bridal flowers were the perfect touch to add to this already sweet southern wedding. White roses, hydrangeas, sea holly, eucalyptus, and sand dollars made for the most beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres. As a tribute to her father, a local farmer, the bride even added a a hint of cabbage to her bouquet. Her grandmothers handkerchief was wrapped delicately around the stems. As Brittney slipped into her stunning lace dress from Imaginations with intricate beading, she donned a single strand of white pearls around her neck that also belonged to her grandmother. A pair of blue jewel earrings and a pair of powder blue flats gave the bride her something blue. After tearful first looks with her father and bridesmaids, her mother carefully placed her cathedral length veil into her hair and readied her to walk down the aisle. As her bridesmaids prayed over her, with her family’s heads carefully bowed around, I was overwhelmed with the love in the room. The prayers were not only for Brittney, but for her future husband and the family that God would hopefully bless them with one day. After the prayers were said, it was time for Brittney to take her fathers arm and walk toward her best friend.

Not an eye was dry in the church during Brittney and Eric’s ceremony. The couple wrote their own vows and lovingly read those aloud to one another. Every word was laced in love and devotion. The wedding ceremony also consisted of the Lord’s supper and a sand ceremony. As the bride laid her head on her husband’s shoulder as prayers were said, I took a moment to say my own special prayer for the couple. Marriage is such a blessing. I prayed that their lives would be full, happy, and that they would find constant companionship in one another. That they would never go to bed angry at the other, and that the Lord would watch over and guide them throughout the rest of their days.

After kissing his bride, Eric took her hand and walked back down the aisle with his wife at his side. Cheers were heard all around and the two shared a private moment alone before joining the reception where a gorgeous 4 tier wedding cake prepared by Monkey Kisses was enjoyed by all. The bride opted for a nontraditional bouquet toss where instead of throwing a bouquet for a single lady to catch, she handed out individual roses to them. After handing out the roses, she prayed with them for the future wives they would be and that the right Godly man would come along to walk with them as their partners in life.

The couples send off was so much fun! Heart shaped confetti decorated the two as they walked towards their getaway car: a vintage red camaro! It was the most amazing end to the most amazing day. I stole Brittney and Eric away for their husband and wife portraits during golden hour, and every single shot was breathtaking. These two love each other so completely! The magic just happens when they’re together, and I feel so blessed that I was the one they chose to capture their love! Brittney and Eric - I just adore you guys! You’re shining beacons for Christ and your love is so pure! Love one another as our Lord loves his church, and your days will be full and truly blessed. I am so thankful to know you. It was such an honor to be by your sides as you joined the married folks club. Welcome, and thank you for the opportunity to serve you! Big hugs and all of my love, Shea

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The Cooper Wedding had the greatest of vendors! A huge thank you to all of them for making Brittney and Eric’s wedding so incredibly special!

Venue: The Springs Church Cold Springs
Caterer: Morgan's on Main
Coordinator: Deanna Chance Jones
Videographer: Timothy Samuel King
Second Shooter: Tyler Cook
Florist: Sweet Blossom
Wedding Cake: Monkey Kisses
Bride's Gown: Imaginations
Bride's Ring: Carter's Jewelry of Petal
Groom's Tux: John WhiteLtd
Invitations: Timothy & Co Design & Bourne Brothers
Calligraphy: Lulabelle Weddings and Events
Hair Stylist: Loose Ends Salon & Accessories
Lead Assistant: Courtney Fortune Shoemaker