Boho Inspired Wedding at The Venue at Roseoak


I looked forward to Bijan and Blake’s wedding from the moment I first met them earlier this year! They are down to earth, joyful, and immediately fill the room with good vibes when they enter it. When I arrived to the Venue at Roseoak, Bijan and her squad were welcoming and couldn’t have been more excited for their best girl. She put so much thought and careful planning into her wedding day over the year, and to say she was ready to marry the love of her life is an understatement. Bijan was READY which made me even more excited about capturing their special day. The girls laughed and reminisced over mimosas while I hung out with them in the bridal suite. It was the best of times, truly, and I enjoyed soaking up all of the love in the room.

After the bridal party was dressed, and it was time for their first look, we walked out onto the balcony of the second floor of the main house. While Bijan’s MOH went to get Blake, I watched my sweet friend pause for a moment and close her eyes. She steeled her hands against the window in front of her and took a deep breath in. I remember that feeling from my own wedding day. The savoring of the moment. You have to grab onto as quick as you can because the rest of the day goes by so fast. BUT if you can just be in these next few minutes and remember every detail of the look on your future husbands face of seeing you in your wedding gown - yeah, that’s the good stuff right there. I felt her do that. Her serene countenance was breathtaking. And as they held hands and read their hand written notes from one another, the tears filled Blake’s eyes as Bijan beamed from ear to ear. Her joy was palpable and Blake’s emotion was moving. Needless to say, I had all of the feels - especially as he turned to see the vision that his future wife was in her dress. As the two embraced and the tears rolled down their cheeks, I was also teary eyed. I couldn’t have been happier for the two of them. From that moment on, it was go time!

Bijan and Blake said “I do” in the late evening just as the sun went down in front of their dearest family and friends. The two partook in communion and had their dear friend preside over their ceremony. It was beautiful. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz strutted down the aisle as their loved ones applauded and cheered and as I jumped up and down like a crazy person for them at the end of ceremony. All that was left to do was PAR-TAY!

The two had the best of times on the dance floor with each other and with their friends and family. They cut the cake, had their champagne toast, and the BEST food courtesy of Le Envie’ Creative Catering. Bijan and Blake laughed and danced the night away underneath the stars on a beautiful late November evening, and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect ending to a more perfect day for these two sweethearts. The couple made their exit underneath sparklers as a caravan of loved ones surrounded them wishing them well.

Bijan and Blake, I will always be grateful that you came into my life. You guys make each other so happy, and it was so much fun being with you as you made your journey to becoming husband and wife. I never thought I’d be so lucky to have my very own bride tribe. Thank you for letting me be part of yours, BB. I hope you love these images from your wedding day as much as I do. All of my love and the biggest hugs, Shea

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A huge shoutout to the team of vendors that worked so hard to make the Fritz wedding so special!

Venue: The Venue at Roseoak
Catering: @Le Envie' Creative Catering 
Florist: Lisa Johnson
Cake: Sister Moon Cakery
Day of Coordinator: Ashley Baudoin
Bride's Gown: David's Bridal 
Groom's Tux: Calvin Klein
Hair Stylist: Devin Pittman
Second Shooter: Tyler Cook
Brides ring: Jewelmasters