Intimate Rainy Day Brunch Wedding at Seminary Baptist Church


I still remember the first time I met Emily. It was over lunch at a Mexican restaurant in our little neck of the woods. She was bubbly and all about getting down to the details. Em knew exactly what her wedding day was going to be like down to the most minute detail. Needless to say, I liked her immediately! As she told me the story of how she and Cole met and about their proposal, I started to get a picture in my head of the two of them: I imagined them being two people who laughed with each other a lot. They’re the kind of folks that cherish the smallest things about one another. She loves the way Cole can find the humor in any situation and he loves her abiding goodness. When I arrived for their wedding day, the rain was coming down full blast, but that didn’t make the least bit of difference to Emily and Cole. “Rain is a good thing,” Cole said. And I have to say - he was right.

The Rogers wedding day was truly intimate. The couple was surrounded by their closest family and friends as they said their vows in the sight of God at Seminary Baptist Church at 10:00 in the morning. There was so much joy in the faces of the couple. Emily literally beamed happiness! I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her over the past year, and I have to say that her gleeful nature is contagious. She has a very natural way of making those around her feel good. You can have little doubt that I cried as I watched my sweet friend walk down the aisle and say her vows. She just smiled from ear to ear as she repeated the words after the preacher. Cole had eyes only for his future wife. He looked on at her as if he’d been living in the dark and was seeing the sun for the first time. It was a beautiful ceremony. After the couple said, “I do,” they joined their guests for a brunch fit to feed a king! Or Cole lol! The grooms only request was breakfast food for the wedding, and the bride happily obliged him. Everything was perfect, and after the cake had been cut and the bouquet was tossed, the rain FINALLY stopped briefly. We had about 5 minutes to head outside onto the covered patio of the church where large, white columns provided the dreamiest backdrop. The temperature was in the 30’s, so the bride slipped into a classic mink coat to stay warm. I was in HEAVEN, and in awe of how elegant Emily looked. She was a regal bride!

Emily and Cole, your wedding day is one I won’t soon forget! I am so incredibly thankful to know you guys and to have worked with you. You are two of the most joyful folks I know. I have no doubt that you will keep each other laughing well into your golden years. I hope you love these images from your darling wedding day as much as I do! All of my love and big hugs, Shea

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Such an amazing team of vendors came together to make the Rogers wedding perfect! I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for all of their hard work and help!

Venue: Seminary Baptist Church
Bride's Gown: Mimis Bridal
Groom's Tux: Belk
Invitations: Bourne Brothers
Caterer: Ann's Cakes & More
Florist: Holly's Flower Shop Boutique/Tanning
Brides' Ring: Parris Jewelers
Wedding Cake: Ann's Cakes & More
Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist: Brittney Woolwine Powell