A Beautiful Beach Family Session at Canebrake

I really can’t say enough nice things about the Ellzey family! Seriously, Courtney, Drew and sweet little Melah are as good as gold and better! They’re the kind of folks that make you feel blessed just for knowing them. And, can we just talk about how ADORABLE Melah is?!? She’s had me wrapped around her little finger for months now, and she only gets cuter and cuter every time I see her! She is a precious little doll who is, literally, always smiling and is the apple of her parents eyes. If your heart doesn’t completely melt into a puddle on the floor after you see the image of her on the beach bare bottomed with a little sun hat on, then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!

Courtney, Drew and Melah, I can never thank you enough for choosing me to be part of these moments in your lives! You guys just make me smile, and I am so grateful to know you! I hope you enjoy these images from your family sesh! See you SOON!!! Big hugs, Shea

Ellzey Family-4.jpg
Ellzey Family-30.jpg
Ellzey Family-15.jpg
Ellzey Family-6.jpg
Ellzey Family-34.jpg
Ellzey Family-18.jpg
Ellzey Family-24.jpg
Ellzey Family-33.jpg
Ellzey Family-31.jpg