A Dreamy Senior Session on the Farm

What a true beauty Samantha is! She is every bit is gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside! This breathtaking senior accompanied her brother to his senior session last year, and I was lucky enough to meet her. I immediately thought she was a total sweetheart and hoped that she would give me a shout when she was a senior. But when I saw that she had applied to be one of my 2019 Spokesmodels, I was ecstatic!!! Samantha is pure goodness, beauty, elegance, kindness, and sweetness all wrapped up into one! I feel so blessed to know her and to have her on my Spokesmodel team this year! 

Samantha completely blew me away at her session! She chose the farm for her location and it was more perfect than I could have ever imagined it would be! She wore a romper paired with a heavy gold chain necklace for her first outfit and she ROCKED it!! Then, she slipped into a gown that TOOK. MY. BREATH. AWAY!!! It was like she'd transformed into a princess and was on her way to meet her prince charming! I knew exactly where we were going for this part of her shoot. Out into the field we went and let me just say - I was in total and complete AWE! It was like I was in a fairy tale! To say her session is FULL of all time faves is an understatement! 

Samantha, you carry yourself with so much grace and elegance, and I am incredibly proud of the beautiful young woman you are! Your talents are abundant and your heart is pure gold! It is an honor to know you and your amazing family! I hope you love these images from your first shoot as much as I do! Big hugs, Shea 

Samantha Gregore_-30.jpg
Samantha Gregore_-31.jpg
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A very special thank to you to the incredible Tosha Bass and MAC Hattiesburg for styling sweet Samantha to PERFECTION!!!