RedSail + Shea Gibson Photography

It was at the beginning of the year that I started to dream of expanding what I offer my couples for their wedding packages. I thought videography may be the way I wanted to go, but I wasn't sure, so I prayed about it. A lot. Who would I even get? Did I know anybody who wanted to break into the market? I didn't know a single soul. When I envisioned who that person or persons would be to lead wedding videography, I knew I wanted someone like me: someone who is all about creating a stress-free, joyful experience for their client, who would treat others like they want to be treated, and who had an appetite to grow a business that offers more than just wedding day services. 

I am happy to say that I found THE perfect duo! It is with sheer joy and total excitement that I share that I am now offering wedding videography to my couples exclusively through RedSail! Leading the adventure are the creative minds of Tyler Cook and Zach Crosby! The experience, talent and sheer genius these two guys have just blows my mind! Over the months that we've been working together, I've learned so much about their philosophies on business and the heart they have behind their product. They give 110% to everything they do, and firmly believe in creating an experience for their clients that is second to none! We shot a wedding together for the first time last month, and even though we're only a few weeks out from the wedding date, they have already prepared a "teaser" video for Corissa and Taylor! I know I've watched it at least 97 times, and I can't WAIT for you to see it!!!!!

You can learn all about the creative genius behind Redsail below and by visiting their website! SO happy to be working with you guys, Tyler and Zach! Here's to the fun times and big things ahead, y'all!!! 


1. How and when did RedSail get started? 

Tyler: "Without giving you too much backstory, RedSail is a continuation of everything I was doing pre-construction (family business). 

As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s extremely hard to marry construction and creative in one entity. So I decided that creating a new business was the easiest approach. I mean after all, it would seem strange to write a check for a house remodel to the same company that shot your wedding video. So, I talked with Brandon Anderson (who I’ve been close friends with for a long time) to partner with me in what he actually named, RedSail. [You guys haven’t seen Brandon much yet, (he just had his first kid, so he is taking some much needed time away) but he is one of the main people that keep the wheels spinning.] Anyway, back on track. In the summer of 2015, we decided we needed to take steps to make it happen, and by the fall we were up and running. Those first couple of years we primarily just stuck to sports, live-streaming and consulting, but we greatly expanded on the basics and early last year we started talking about adding in some different creative services to our lineup. Those conversations have brought us to the present and we aren’t even halfway to the ultimate goal.

I guess if I were to sum it all up, RedSail started in 2015 out of necessity. We needed a place for all of our creative “stuff” to live, and RedSail was our response."


Tyler Cook


Zach Crosby

2. What is the inspiration behind your videography?

Tyler: "As a designer, I find myself planted in front of a computer screen for long hours at a time; it’s a part of my job, after all. While it’s easy to say that I find loads of inspiration through visual blogs and social media websites like Pinterest (which I do), the truth is that I’m most inspired by stepping away from the screen.” - Breanna Radermacher

"I feel like this is us. The easy answer is to give you specifics like, "Oh we get inspiration from Casey Neistat, Peter McKinnon, ESPN, Red Rocks Creative, etc..”, but the reality is, those guys aren’t what drives us to do what we do. So, just out of curiosity I went to google to look up the definition of inspiration, and this is what it says:

inspiration - The process of being mentally stimulated to feel or do something, especially to do something creative."

Zach: "I think for us, no matter if we are altogether or just a couple of us, when we travel, we come back with ideas. We do what we do to travel, and travel to do what we do. Funny concept isn’t it? The two can’t exist apart from one another. Last year, right before season Brandon, I and some of the other guys went on this big baseball tour where we drove around the country and watched MLB games all along the way. We came back with loads of drive and ideas on how to make our live production better. I ended up producing some hype videos, and Brandon’s experience ended up being Tyler's inspiration for some motion graphics. We went to Europe recently and shot this short travel video which basically was B-Roll in a way that we had never explored before."


3. Why wedding videos? Why now? 

Tyler: "The actual "why" story behind this is better left to be told at a later date, but just a couple comments on the why that are unrelated. We feel like there needs to be a good, affordable option to wedding videography. We always want it to be about the people and not show up seeing a number.

I can tell you this - we have been talking about weddings for a long time! Weddings have always been on our radar and part of our plan, we just haven’t ever pulled the trigger. I remember sitting down with Ryan Phillips shortly after I graduated from Jones in 2013 talking about how the area needed a good wedding videographer. I’ll be honest, I’ve waited this long for one reason: You only get one shot at capturing a wedding, and those first few that you shoot make or break you. I wanted to come into this as prepared as I could be. I wanted to make sure our team was up for the challenge, and I’m more than confident in the people that we have to get the job done."


4. What kind of experience can your couples expect to receive? 

Tyler & Zach: "Our experience on the consumer end is definitely still a work in progress however, we do have some guidelines set up that we are working off of. 

 1. On wedding day: We want to be as involved as the couple wants us to be. We don’t want the thing you remember about your wedding to be the videographer that followed everyone around all day long. The day is about you guys. We are there to capture the moment, not intrude on it.

2. I truly want to get content out as soon as possible, but not so soon that you see the video and immediately archive it. We want our couples to watch their wedding video and remember their day, so we are going to try to deliver around the 3 month mark. It's fresh, but not so fresh that it doesn’t strike something inside you.

3. We NEVER want couples to feel like they are a number or “just another project”. Our goal is to be legitimately interested in their lives, wants and needs. We will treat everyone as a person, and never see anyone as a means to an end.

If I were to condense this down to a sentence: “Our experience is letting you live out yours with minimal distractions"


5. What packages will you offer for wedding day videography? Can couples book you by the hour? 

Tyler & Zach: "Yes, we will be offering packages and a la carte items. 3 tiers, good, better, best format where best gets you pretty much everything we offer. I’m actually currently working on those, the official list should appear under the packages tab on our website within the next week or so. 

If you book your wedding anytime between now and December 31, 2018 we are only offering 1 package for $1500. You’re going to get everything we can possibly offer. We are trying out new ideas so you get to be on the forefront of something awesome!

This is how those packages will loosely look

Tier 1 (good)  -  Highlights. We show up 2 hours before the ceremony and stay up to 2 hours after. We then produce about a 3-4 min highlight film of your wedding

Tier 2 (better) -  Wedding Day. We are on site 8 hours. We shoot everything from bride/groom getting ready to driving away at the end of the night.  You get the highlight film plus your ceremony with some additional footage that couldn’t make it into the highlight film. This is the package you want to book, and its also the package I advise booking.

Tier 3 (best)  - This is our best package and will be comprised of all the things we are currently working on before now and December. You will get everything from Tier 2 plus a whole TON of extras.

We are still working on exact details, pricing and even some other services, but this is what you can loosely expect right out of the door. 

We will do an hourly rate $150/hr and $75/hr additional over two shooters. Very soon that will change to cover post production costs. When I say you come out better just booking a package, I really do mean it… its a steal of a deal."


6. Finally, if you had to describe RedSail for your wedding clients in 3 words, what would they be and why?

Tyler: Creatively, Clean and Classic.

Let me explain:

Creative [ly] - We love trying out new ideas. 9/10 times your video will have something in it that we have never attempted before, which will make it unique to YOU. 

Clean - When you watch your video, I don’t want you struggling to see and understand whats going on. We don’t use weird effects that distort imaging.

Classic - We stay away from trendy things that won’t last through the year. I want to create a video for you that you can watch 30 years from now without thinking “Wow, that was definitely 1992.”