Our Story: Team Gibson

"This part of my life, this part right here? This is called 'happyness'." The Pursuit of Happyness

There have been times in my adult years when I felt like I was going against the grain. I know that sounds weird but it's like I was doing all the right things in the right way but still something felt off. For example, my hair naturally parts to the left. I always wear my hair to the left. There was this one time that I thought, "Hey, I'll try parting my hair to the right." DISASTER! My natural part is to the left so my hair kept trying to flip back over that way. Okay, I know that sounds silly but it's the best way I can think to describe it! When Corey and I started dating for the second time, it was as natural as breathing. It felt right. As if I was home. Or like I was parting my hair to the left! :)

I was 19 when we started dating again. I'm 32 now. I think back over those first few years and feel like they were a million lifetimes ago. Yet, they somehow seem just like yesterday. We were kiddos. We had zero responsibilities, essentially, other than school and our part time jobs. We went to the beach, we had date night after date night, we went off to college together, we drove too fast on his motorcycle, we went to concerts, and about a million other things. And there was the first time Corey said those three little words. It took two weeks for Corey to tell me he loved me. It took me only a week to realize I loved him. I'll never forget it. The moment I realized I did. We were on our way back from shopping in Birmingham. We stopped at the Outback in Meridian, I believe it was. It was freezing in that place. Or it could have been that I was just cold. I usually am. I was mentioning how cold it was, and he said he'd be right back. I thought he was going to the restroom or something. He got up from the table and returned a few minutes later with a jacket. "I brought this today because I figured you'd get cold at some point.", he said. I just looked at him. He already knew me. It sounds little and perhaps insignificant. To me, it was everything. I was head over heels in love with the kid! It was a tiny gesture of thoughtfulness that got me, guys. And I was hooked big time. Corey told me he loved me one night at Bogue Homa lake. We'd been out riding his motorcycle and we stopped at the lake for a few minutes on the way back home. It was warm at night even in March. We sat down on a little hill and he threw his arm around me. The moon was super bright and I remember watching it shine off the water. "You remember that night we were watching The Notebook and you said you wished someone would love you one day like that guy loved that girl?", he said. "Yeah," I replied. Corey said, "Well, I love you like that." Just so matter of factly. So naturally. There were about a million cheeky things I could have said because we've always picked with each other even in the most serious of moments but I just simply looked at him and said, "I love you, too." I laid my head on his shoulder and we just sat there for a little bit. Again, I was home. 

The holidays were upon us before we knew it. We'd been dating for 8 months and were making plans to start at Southern Miss in the spring. Plans were in full swing and we were busy buying apartment things one night when Corey asked me what I wanted for Christmas. A million dollars would be good I told him! "Can I write you a check?!", he said with a smile. An eternal pair of smarty pants we are. I'd always wanted a Yorkie. It was the one thing I asked for time and time again and my parents thought I wouldn't have time for one so they thought it'd be best to wait until I was older. Well, I was older, and I wanted a little dog of my own. Of course, Corey got me one. We'd been looking for a couple of weeks when we got a call one morning from Mrs. Shelia saying that a lady had some yorkie/chihuahua puppies at the animal clinic if we wanted to take a look at them. We got dressed and made our way there. It was freezing outside and dreary that day. As we pulled up to the front of the clinic, we saw a lady standing outside with a basket. We got out and soon saw that the basket held several small puppies wrapped up in a blanket. I knew it as soon as I saw him. "He's the one!", I told Corey. He was standing with his little paws on the edge of the basket just watching us shivering. His little ears stood straight up and I was in love! Shadow. That's what we named him. I wrapped him up in a towel Corey had in his truck and started showing him off to everyone inside the clinic. It was the best day! He'd given me the one thing I'd always wanted but had yet to receive. I was in heaven! We would become the three amigos - Corey, Shadow and I. He went everywhere with us. He still does. We became our own little family. He's our first born and is every bit as feisty as he was as a pup! Shadow went on vacations with us and has moved with us 6 times. We have birthday parties for him and he gets as many Christmas presents as we do. He's been our ride or die and is the original member of Team Gibson. Little did we know he would start an amazing journey for us! 

I could jump straight into telling you how we started adding to our Team, but then I'd be skipping over the time I put diesel in my car, our wedding, and our years in Jackson. There's also that one time I thought I would put extensions in my hair and Corey would have to glue them in AND take them out! *You can schedule your appointments with Stylist Corey Gibson today!* :) The man wears many hats, you guys! Attorney, doggy daddy, meteorologist, interior designer, construction worker, personal stylist and SO much more! I'll tell you more about all that in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned, friends! Big hugs, Shea 


Our sweet little guy!! Man, I miss these days! He was so tiny and loved sleeping on his back! The toy in the kennel with him was his very first one! 


My boys!! 


Our first anniversary!


I DIE!!!! 


I think Shadow was over it! :)


This last one.....Yeah, no clue what was going on with my hair. #whatwasithinking