Our Story: Team Gibson

"That's why, darling, it's incredible. That someone so unforgettable thinks that I am unforgettable, too." Nat King Cole 

I walked down the aisle to this classic song. In the sand and with bare feet, I can still see him to this day standing there in a white button up, and white linen pants with the waves crashing behind him. It was April 11, 2009 and the weather was perfect. I thought about what those words meant as I clung to my dad's arm. That's what we'd always been to each other - unforgettable. In the year and a half we liked each other but weren't together, we still couldn't forget about one another. That's why it was the perfect song for our wedding day. Because, no matter how hard we'd tried, what we felt then and what we still feel now is so unforgettable. 

Believe it or not, I did manage to get over my fear of actually speaking to Corey and finally put together a few syllables to let him I know I liked him, too. We spent the next couple of weeks just chatting on the phone and hanging out casually with friends. The first time we had an official date was the night of his senior baseball banquet. I don't really  know if that's the "datiest" sort of date night, but, we went with it. I could tell he was just as nervous as I was when he came to pick me up. It could have been because he was running super late but I like to imagine it was because he found me so irresistible. *insert large amounts of laughter and sarcasm here* We were driving along and the conversation was going good. He was telling me all about his day, and I was just enjoying being near him. As I was listening to him, I saw a stop sign up ahead but he wasn't slowing down any. I didn't want to interrupt him, because I didn't want to be rude, but I didn't want him to run the stop sign either. But there he was just all chatty Kathy toodling along at 45 or 50 and the stop sign closing in on us. Thankfully, you can see for miles on either side of the sign and no one was coming, and sure enough, he ran right on through it. Now, to be fair - I'd done it more times than I could count and he had zero idea where he was. We'd barely made it pass the sign when he slams on the breaks (why I have no idea because it was way too late at that point) as white as a sheet and just looks at me and goes, "Was that a stop sign?!" I erupted into laughter and said, "Um, YEAH!" "Why didn't you say anything??", he said. Still to this day I have no idea why I thought it was so funny, but I was laughing so hard and then so was he. It was there in the middle of Lake Como Road that we shared our first real side splitting laugh together. All over a stop sign. 

Things were so very fun after that and super easy going! We went fishing, to the movies, out on more date nights, and just enjoyed being together. We even had our first kiss after a movie one night. In the Piggly Wiggly parking lot in Laurel off of 16th avenue. Oh yes! Again - and don't ask me how - I remember exactly what he was wearing - a green Hurley tee and jeans with, you guessed it, the wallabies! LOL! He even ASKED me if he could kiss me! #SWOON I should have known he was the one back then. We'd barely been hanging out together a month when I had to go to cheerleading camp at Ole Miss. I knew we wouldn't be able to talk much, so I was really looking forward to seeing him when I got home. It was a thing back then for the boyfriends to send flowers to their girlfriends at camp. It was all very romantic obviously. *insert more laughs here* But it really was sweet, and I knew that my friends would be getting flowers from their guys. I just never expected to get any. We weren't even like officially boyfriend and girlfriend. But sure enough, in true Corey fashion, he made sure I had flowers, too. Told y'all I should have known he was the one even back then. The kid was just adorable, you guys! 

So, why, if we'd been having all this fun together and we were both clearly smitten with each other did we "break up"?! As the years go by, the truth is I forget more and more. I seem to remember thinking that he might have liked someone else, and that he thought I might have liked someone else. I had also managed to convince myself that there was no way he could really like me. I was all plain and super skinny and he was going off to college soon and would meet tons of girls. There was no way he would want to still hang out with me, right?! This is where, if I was reading this and someone else was writing it, I would do a huge eye roll. "He clearly liked YOU, crazy!", I would say. And you'd be right. He did. I just didn't know how much. It was over the next year and a half that we wouldn't forget about each other. He would be hanging out with someone else or I would be, but we would still text back and forth. I'll never forget I got a text from him one afternoon saying he was out riding his motorcycle by my house and was curious if I was home. Y'all - Corey's house was NO WHERE near mine. He'd clearly been out in my neighborhood on purpose. Why didn't I run out of the house screaming, "I still like you, dude!"??? Because I was insane. I wanted to see him so bad but I told him I wasn't home. I watched him through my blinds, like a crazy, drive right past my house. Again, feel free to want to throttle me. 

It wasn't long after that when I started at JCJC. I'd been there about a month when I saw him for the first time. He was chatting with some friends after class and I walked right up to him bold as bronze and said, "Hey!" I wasn't dating anyone. He wasn't dating anyone (I'd already gotten the scoop that he wasn't from some girlfriends), and there I was going to be the blast from his past ready to slide back in. "Hey.", he said. And that was it. The kid turned around and went right back to his conversation. I'd been dissed and dismissed. Now, you're probably thinking - you so deserve that, Shea! And you'd be right. Playing hard to get finally came back to bite me. Yeah, my feelings were hurt for a second. But that didn't stop me from going after him! I'd waited too long to be with him and some playing hard to get on his part wasn't going to derail my plan! I'd show him! What did I do exactly you may ask?! Stay tuned, friends! I'll tell y'all alllllll about it next week! Two words : China. Wok. Big hugs, Shea 


This is LITERALLY the only photo that exists of me and Corey from the month when we first dated! I don't even think that we meant to coordinate our outfits! Haha! Oh, and just ignore that Ole Miss hat he's wearing. He just thought he was going to bleed something other than black and gold back in those days! :)