A Dixie Darling's Senior Session

Colleen was my first 2019 spokesmodel to photograph this season and I have to say that she started off the year for me in the most amazing way!! This South Jones High School senior is every bit the dixie darling! She can spend hours on the farm working with her horses and cows with her best dog, Fancy, in tow and the next thing you know she's the beauty pageant queen! Her room is decorated in ribbons and trophies from 4H and FFA competitions AND tiaras! She's totally a girl after my own heart! 

When I arrived to her parent's land to shoot her senior session, I felt just like I was at home! Growing up on a farm myself, I immediately fell in love with the blueberry fields, the ponds, the sprawling acreage, and the creatures Colleen loves and cares for. We started out at her grandparent's home in an outfit made for a southern belle! I seriously wanted to steal the top and shorts! Want to know something super special about her outfit?! The pearl earrings she wore were the ones her mother, Lindsey, wore on her wedding day *swoon* and the necklace she wore was a sweet sixteen gift from her uncle. SO SWEET!!! There were tons of gorgeous flowers and a beautiful pond. It was totally Colleen and I was in senior session heaven! For her second look, she switched into cowboy boots and cotton dress that I swear I've seen Carrie Underwood wear before! The blueberry fields were the perfect location for sweet Colleen and I may have snacked on a blueberry or two! :) 

We wrapped up the day and slipped into golden hour with her horses! Colleen slipped into a pageant dress - Yes, y'all - a pageant dress AND pearls! Again, I WAS IN HEAVEN and totally ROCKED out posing with two of her beloved equines! I felt like I was watching an episode of America's Next Top Model! I'm pretty sure I could have photographed her all day and never have gotten tired! 

Colleen, I feel so blessed to know you!! You are a kind, caring, good hearted, beautiful young woman who is crazy talented! I can't thank you enough for an insanely amazing senior session! I have loved every second of working with you as a 2019 spokesmodel and am SO excited about having you on the team! I'm already so proud of you and your many accomplishments! I know your senior year is going to be every bit as stellar as you are, and I'm so honored to be able to spend it with you! I hope you enjoy these images from your summer senior session! All of my love and big hugs, Shea 

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