Classic and Cool Country Club Senior Session

Devon is such a classy guy! He's the kind of great, All-American dude that just lights up a room with his smile! I had so much fun working with him at Canebrake Country Club for his senior session! He showed up for his shoot looking just like he'd stepped out of a catalog for Ralph Lauren or J. Crew. With his khakis, button up and loafers, he was every bit in harmony with the scene around us at Canebrake.

It was late in the afternoon and the lighting couldn't have been more perfect! The nautical theme provided by the club house and the boats around it matched up so amazingly with Devon's personality! He's just the kind of guy that you feel like you've known forever within the first five minutes of meeting him, and his family is the exact same way. They're truly wonderful folks, and I feel so incredibly blessed to know all of them! 

Devon, YOU ROCK, man!! I'm so excited for your future at PRCC and know that you will do amazing things! I can't thank you enough for such a fun time at your senior session! I hope you and your family enjoy these images! Big hugs, Shea 

Devon Olafson Senior Session_-7.jpg
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Devon Olafson Senior Session_.jpg
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