Summery & Chic Cap & Gown Session

When I think back to the very first time I met sweet Emma, I remember being struck by how she could totally be Drew Barrymore's twin and how I was SO jealous!! Who doesn't love Drew Barrymore, right?! Well, her twin is walking around in the state of Mississippi today and her name is Emma Seavey! After you get over the immediate impression of how much she looks just like a celebrity, you are struck by her smile and how her eyes light up when she's greeting you. Emma is a true sweetheart and I have loved getting to know her during her time as a Petal High senior! 

Our first session together was to kick off her senior year and our second session together was to bring it to a close. I'm almost to tears right now thinking about how fast the year has gone by and how blessed I feel just to know her and her amazing mother. She was a rock star as a senior at Petal and she will be a rock star as a freshman at William Carey! I have no doubt that she will capture the hearts of those around her as she has mine. I can't wait to see where her dreams of being in the medical field will take her. I know that whether she decides to be a physician or a physical therapist that she will be the absolute best at what she does!

Emma, I feel so lucky to have spent this year with you! Thank you and your wonderful mom for choosing me as your senior photographer! Your sessions are slam full of all time faves! You are genuinely kind, intelligent, charismatic, loyal, stylish, and flat out gorgeous, girl! I hope you enjoy these images from your cap and gown session! Big hugs, Shea 

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