Prepping For Your Senior Session

I'm SO excited to be bringing this blog post to you! When working with my clients, my number one priority is to love and serve them well! With that in mind, I want to create an experience for them that is stress-free and fun! Senior photography is something that I am so incredibly passionate about and working with students is something I have always loved doing! There are lots of ways to prepare for a senior session so you can make it the very best it can be! In this post, I will touch on some of the things I cover in my Senior Style Guide. Senior clients who book one of my experiences receive the guide + much more and we're going to dive into some of that here!



Choosing what you will wear for your photo shoot is a huge decision! I assist all of my senior clients with styling and outfitting. It's definitely one of my favorite parts of the whole process! Here are some of the best ways to choose what to wear!

1. BE COMFORTABLE : If tight, fitted clothing isn't your thing, leave it at home or at the store! Wearing pieces that make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable won't make you shine like the Covergirl you are! 

2. CHOOSING COLORS : When choosing outfits for your senior session, try to choose colors that compliment your hair and skin colors! Primary colors like red, royal blue and yellow photograph beautifully as well as emerald green, bright purples, pinks, and oranges. However, so do softer, lighter tones like soft pink and muted blues, mixed with sophisticated light neutrals like heather gray, creams, and white. Sometimes, color combos that may seem odd in-person end up photographing BEAUTIFULLY on camera – it’s really just about selecting the right colors that look great on YOU!

3. ADD LAYERS : In the warmer months, you can add layers plus dimension by wearing a tank top with a cute sheer cardigan or by throwing a denim vest over a dress!

Shawna Orman-27.jpg

4. PLAY WITH TEXTURES : Adding texture to your outfit makes the biggest difference, and it prevents the images from looking dull. Combining textures that you may not normally use together like sequins + cable knit sweaters or leather + fur make GREAT pairs! Sometimes these textures like sequins, furs and sparkles can be considered “daring” or “over the top” but, in portraits, they look AMAZING!!

5. DON'T BE AFRAID TO DRESS IT UP : Dresses and skirts look most stunning because they really flatter every female body, especially on camera — which is probably why the red carpet is always full of so many dresses! Long, full-length, flowy dresses and skirts look amazing on camera because they bring extra movement to the photos. Especially when juxtaposed with nature, like the field, forest, or lake. Consider softer fabrics like chiffon or tulle which allow for beautiful movement in the images. Cute, shorter cocktail-length dresses also photograph beautifully!


6. DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE ACCESSORIES : During a senior session, or any photo shoot, I say the more the merrier! When planning your outfits, don’t forget to plan accessories. Stacks of bangles, long necklaces, statement pieces, scarves, hats, bright shoes and other add-ons can give your outfit that little something extra special!

7. MIX IT UP : When planning your outfits, make sure that you have a VARIETY of looks! I tell all of my seniors to choose from these categories: casual, cozy, dressy, school-related, sports-related, preppy or edgy. I recommend choosing 2-3 of those categories and finding outfits accordingly. This provides a beautiful array of looks during your senior portrait session, so each outfit looks dramatically different!


In my experience, every woman, regardless of her shape, has an area of her body that she is self-conscious about, so recognizing what area that is in advance is key. Choosing flattering silhouettes and colors that complement your natural features is the best way to ensure you will love the way you look in your photos. Don't be afraid to rock a set of heels for your senior session! Heels elongate women’s legs making them look fabulous!

Hayli Pearce Cap & Gown-17.jpg


Your senior session is all about YOU and you should feel every bit as glamorous as you are! If you can, splurge and have someone do your hair and makeup! Hiring a pro can really take a lot of stress off you the day of your shoot. If that’s not something you want to do – no worries! Just spend a little extra time loving on your hair and makeup. Plan to wear slightly heavier make up than normal, including blush and lipstick/gloss that are at least slightly darker than your lip color. False eyelashes are also something I always recommend! They really make your eyes pop in your images! 

In all the chaos of senior session prep, don’t forget to pamper your nails! Try to avoid any chipped polish or crazy patterns. French manicures, light/natural colors and even nails with no color at all photograph best!


Your senior session should be every bit as fabulous as you are!! I hope you will find these tips and tricks to be helpful! In my experience, they really can take your session to the next level! To learn more about the Shea Gibson Senior Experiences, click here! Big hugs, Shea