Baby Arden

Baby Arden is every bit as precious as she looks! She has the most perfect rosy lips and cheeks, and I could have held her literally ALL DAY!!! Sweet Arden came into the world on May 1st at 11:25 am and was already so very loved! She was perfect and pure and full of absolute goodness! I was lucky enough to meet her when she was only 8 days old. When I walked into her nursery and met her for the first time, and I was immediately swooning! Then, I took a look at her beautiful nursery - OH MY GOSH!! It was GORGEOUS!!! The first thing I noticed was this fabulous chandelier that you're going to get to see. It was gold and looked like it came straight out of a castle. I actually found out that Natalie, Arden's mom, got crafty with this piece! Her mom actually bought the chandelier looking totally different and then Natalie painted it to look like it does. Can we say SO NEAT?! This is just one example of all of the unique pieces that make up Arden's adorable nursery! From the chandelier to the custom made artistic pieces by her cousin, Chrissy, to the custom made sign by Natalie's bestie, Elizabeth, her nursery is so so perfect!! 

Arden had no idea she was getting the best big sister EVER when she came into the world! Kinsley is such an adorable little angel! She is sugar and spice and everything nice! I've loved working with sweet Kinsley and it was such a blessing to photograph her with her baby sister! She was definitely my big helper at Arden's newborn session. She held baby sister so perfectly and loved on her so sweetly! Consider me totally wrapped around these two precious girls fingers!! 

Natalie, thank you SO much for choosing me to capture these moments of your darling daughters!! You and Jason are raising to incredibly adorable blessings and I know you guys are so very proud of them! I hope you enjoy these images of your angels! Big hugs, Shea 

Baby Arden Newborn Session-30.jpg

Can't y'all just see her as a Gerber baby model?!

Baby Arden Newborn Session-13.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session.jpg

Best  big sister EVER!!!

Baby Arden Newborn Session-7.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-11.jpg

This is SO perfect, Elizabeth!! 

Baby Arden Newborn Session-28.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-34.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-5.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-17.jpg

I'm going to need you to make me one of these soon, Nat!!

Baby Arden Newborn Session-32.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-9.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-26.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-25.jpg

My other big helper at Arden's newborn session - Granna!! She's kind of a rockstar!

Baby Arden Newborn Session-22.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-18.jpg

Sweet custom made pieces by Natalie's cousin, Chrissy Loftus! Definitely check out her work on Facebook & Instagram!

Baby Arden Newborn Session-33.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-16.jpg

Pottery barn piece for the WIN!!!

Baby Arden Newborn Session-27.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-3.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-20.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-23.jpg
Baby Arden Newborn Session-36.jpg

Tiny toes get me every time!!! 

Baby Arden Newborn Session-31.jpg