AmBrea Davis

AmBrea could walk onto any runway in Milan, Paris or New York City right this very second! She is absolutely stunning! I'm pretty sure I could photograph her all day and never get tired! She recently graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with her bachelor's in Nutrition & Dietetics. She showed up for her senior session in a perfect gold off the shoulder romper and looked every bit the Covergirl she is! Her cap was decorated with the saying "May your hats fly as high as your dreams!" It was so fitting! This girl has a big, bright future ahead of her and there is nothing she can't do! 

For the second part of her session, she stayed absolutely true to her Southern Miss roots by changing into a gold dress that looked like it was straight out of a J Crew magazine! Her hubby, Joseph, joined us for a few photos and I became instantly smitten with these two lovebirds! Their bond is so strong, and they are every bit as in love with each other as the day they said their vows. As AmBrea continues on to get her master's in Nutrition & Dietetics, I want to wish her the very best in all things, and I welcome her to the alumni family!! 

AmBrea, your senior session is one I won't soon forget! You are incredibly gorgeous and such a true sweetheart! I hope you enjoy these images from your senior session, girl! Southern Miss To The Top! Big hugs, Shea 

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