2018 Spokesmodel Cap & Gown Reveal

What a true blessing it has been to work with Faith, Shawna, Hailey, Kenzie and Ally over the past year! I still can't believe how fast the past several months have flown by! It's like I want to scream at time, "No, let's go back! I miss them already!" I really won the jackpot with this group of girls! They are my very first group of Senior Spokesmodels and we spent the year learning and growing together. Each one has made a special impact on not only my business but my life. God placed these girls in my life for a reason, and I am just so incredibly thankful that He did!

I'll never forget meeting the very first one - Shawna. My first senior session was in February last year, and she happened to tag along with that senior. What if she hadn't? I never would have known this beautiful red head who can sing and dance and excel in the classroom and light up any room just with her smile. Up next was Hailey. I ran a contest in 2017 for two senior sessions and she was one of my winners. Hailey is so gorgeous and when I met her for the first time I thought, "This girl should be modeling for a magazine!" She was just super sweet and genuinely kind from the first moment we started working together. I knew then that she was going to be super special to me. Then along came Ally. Sweet, sassy, full of life and love, Ally. When she showed up for her session, I remember thinking, "Man, this girl is GOOD!" She can do an incredible giggle laugh and a fabulous smize! She loves to model, and I could shoot her all day and never get tired! Faith walked into my life next. I'm so thankful that she did! Faith makes you feel as if you've known her your whole life within the first 5 minutes of meeting her! She's fun and spunky, and always has a smile on her face. She has a servant's heart and never fails to treat others as she wants to be treated. Finally, I met Kenzie. When you meet Kenzie, your immediately struck by how beautiful she is. Then you get to  know her and you find out how truly gorgeous her spirit is. She has a heart of pure gold and is good right down to the core. Kenzie can stun you with her looks and then turn around and wow you once more when you find out she can powerlift! This girl is a true athlete, y'all! Stunning, sweet, and athletic - she's got it all!

I had to take this little trip down memory lane so please forgive me, and yes, I'm reaching for the tissue! These 5 ladies mean so much to me, and they will always hold a special place in my heart! As we were shooting for our very last time together, I was overcome by how incredibly proud I am of each of them. They showed up to our first location, the campus of Southern Miss, looking gorgeous as always! Along for the day to film it all was Tyler Cook and Zach Crosby. These boys hung out with us and never failed to make us laugh. After cap tosses and tons of giggle laughs, we headed over to the beach at Canebrake to wrap up the day. The girls switched from their black dresses to tees that would reveal where they were headed after high school and shorts. They were barefoot in the sand and every bit the Covergirls I have come to know and love. This is where I lost it - the tears started coming and there was no stopping them. I asked them to walk away from me down the beach so I could shoot the back of them in their caps and gowns and something about that particular moment as the sun was setting just got me. This was our last shoot together and I was just so incredibly overwhelmed by how much I would miss them. We've become a little family, and they've each left a footprint on my heart!

As they make their ways to Southern Miss, JCJC and PRCC, I know they will continue to make an impact on others lives as they have mine. There's nothing these girls can't do! I know they will do many special things in the days ahead. Remember that girls run the world, Faith, Ally, Shawna, Kenzie, and Hailey and that I am always here in your corners cheering you on! I love y'all so dearly! Thank you for everything! Congratulations - you did it!!!! All of my love and the biggest hugs, Shea

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The moment I boo hooed!!! 

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