Baby Cameron

There is nothing more precious than the first few days of new life! I got to see sweet Cameron's fifth day here on this earth. Tiny and perfectly perfect, baby Cameron traveled to see me with mommy, daddy, and big brother, Charley. He arrived every bit as amazing as I knew he would be. I've had the pleasure of working with the Wallace's for a little over a year now, and always enjoy hanging out with them. Little Charley always keeps me smiling with his adorable smile, and beautiful little spirit. While mommy and daddy were getting Cameron ready for his close up, Charley and I had an adventure of our very own! Charley LOVES dogs, and when he found out I have 6, he was all about them! Who knew that telling a 2 year old that he could play with the dogs if he took a few pictures was the way to create a perfect poser?! : ) The pups worked like a charm, and we were able to capture these adorable images of the whole fam. Consider my heart in a puddle on the floor!

After we wrapped up the lifestyle portion of Cameron's session, mommy and baby boy hung out with me for their time in front of my lens, and oh my, was I feeling all the feels!! Sarah Catherine is such a phenomenal woman and mother. At one point while I was photographing her and Cameron, I literally started to tear up because of what I was seeing in the moment with them. There truly is nothing like a mother's love for her littles. Time slowed down for us in those precious moments. It was pure perfection!

Soon, it was time for Cameron to hang out in the spotlight all by himself, and let me just say, he had me throwing out all of the newborn session rules! LOL! Normally, I've got the space heater rolling and a white noise machine sending the little ones off into sleepy town. But Cameron came to say that it was his way or the highway, so we turned off the heater and the white noise, and then we had a very, sleepy little the most ADORABLE bunny outfit I have ever SEEN!!! It only took a second with momma and baby boy was down for the count! It was newborn session heaven, and I was living it!!!

Sarah Catherine and Charley, I am so happy for your sweet family! Baby Cameron is absolutely perfect as is sweet Charley! I have loved working with y'all, and feel so blessed that you chose me to capture this oh so special time in your lives! I hope you enjoy these images from your newborn and lifestyle session! Big hugs, Shea

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