Baby Laurel

With the face of an angel, and the sweetest smile, Baby Laurel was an absolute joy to work with for her newborn session! Her family is every bit as perfect as she is to be sure! I've had the pleasure of knowing Laurel's darling mother, Katie, since high school, and it was truly such an honor to be able to do this shoot with someone I have known and admired for so many years. Sweet Laurel came into the world on February 6th at 1:05 in the afternoon. Mommy, daddy, and big brother, Rhett, were wrapped around her finger immediately, and let's just say this photographer is, too!  :) 

Katie, Matt, Rhett & Laurel - Your session is one that I will always cherish! It's no surprise, Katie, that your little family is every bit as amazing as you are and have always been! Consider me totally smitten with both of your lovely children! You and Matt are the most wonderful parents! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to capture this incredibly special time in your lives! Sending you all of my love and super big hugs, Shea 

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