An Elegant Winter Engagement Session in Downtown Hattiesburg

I can’t imagine having wrapped up my engagement sessions for the year with any other couple than Zach and Audrey! When I met Audrey for the first time, it was over cupcakes and coffee at Smallcakes. Cupcakes + wedding planning = GOOD TIMES! She was bubbly and every bit as personable as I knew she would be! We got to chat over how she and Zach met and how he proposed. And when she showed me her ring, I had ALL the heart eyes! A perfectly exquisite 1.25 marquise cut diamond sits in a platinum band and is accompanied by two adjacent diamonds. Best part about it?! It belonged to her grandmother! *swoon* Zach proposed after 2 years of dating over Mardi Gras break in fabulous New Orleans. The duo were celebrating with her family when he popped the question! SO excited he did because I got to meet a fellow DG sister to wedding plan with!!!

Originally, Audrey had her heart set on a Christmas tree farm shoot but when she saw a recent e-sesh I had with another sweet couple of mine, she changed her mind and wanted to go all GLAM in downtown Hattiesburg! You know your girl was on board with that idea 110%! And so the two showed up looking every bit as stylish and elegant as she planned them to be. Talk about the ideal couple! They giggled and smiled and posed perfectly for every. shot.!! And they laughed at me, of course, because there’s no shortage of antics when we’re on location! I fall off my ladder no less than 97 times, and I’m always saying something ridiculous! We chased the most beautiful lighting and when it was time for golden hour to shine on us, well, you’ll see for yourself. Let’s just say - things were so so dreamy!

Audrey and Zach, you peeps are the GREATEST! Thank you for choosing me to walk along side you as you continue your journey to becoming husband and wife! Marriage is a beautiful blessing, and I can’t wait for you to join the married folks club! I am SO totally excited about your wedding day next November, fam!! I hope you enjoy some of my faves from your glamorous engagement sesh! Big hugs, Shea

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