Romantic Fall Wedding at The Venue at Roseoak

From the moment I met Pace and Sara, I was excited about their wedding day! I knew I would have fun getting to know these two special folks, but I had no idea just how close we would become! Can we say forever friends?! Check! Yes, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because it wasn’t long after we started working together that Sara became one of my dearest friends in the world! To say I was ready for her big day was an understatement! Sara and Pace truly are such an incredible duo and they compliment each other in every way. They’re just good people that you can’t help but love!

When I arrived at Roseoak on day of their wedding, my sweet friend was all dolled up and ready to marry the love of her life! Sara and Pace’s big day was filled with so much joy, love, and just sheer bliss. There were tons of smiles, laughs, happy tears, and no shortage of antics from Pace! He never failed to keep me and everyone else laughing! And, of course, his beautiful bride was all smiles for her groom! There were so many sweet moments but my absolute fave was when Pace saw Sara for the first time. Knowing these two made their first look all the more touching. Yes, the tears came rolling down my cheeks then AND during the ceremony. There was just so much sweetness, y'all!

Sara and Pace, Corey and I are so incredibly thankful for the gift of your friendship! Our lives have been made all the better for knowing you, and being part of your wedding day was a truly blessing. It was an honor and privilege to be able to capture this special day for you! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the day you guys said, “I do!” All of my love and the biggest hugs, Shea

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Weren’t Sara’s shoes just the prettiest?!

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Seriously, all the feels!!!!

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I just love when the bride and groom exchange letters before their first look!

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I could have photographed these blooms all day!

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This moment with Sara’s dad just makes me smile!!

Cooper Wedding_-134.jpg
Cooper Wedding_-186.jpg

Oh, yes! My beautiful friend came in on a horse drawn carriage! Can you say fairytale?!?

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Cooper Wedding_-239.jpg

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Cooper!!

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A huge thank you to the incredible creative team that made Sara and Pace’s day happen:

Venue: The Venue at Roseoak

Hair: Carol Albanez Rand

Makeup: Makeup by Katie

Florist: Lisa Johnson

Videography: Redsail

Catering: Stricks BBQ

Day of Coordinator: Kim Dukes

Cake: Gavin Sketo

Second Shooter: Tyler Cook

Bride’s Gown: Alterations and Formals by Bridget