Fine Art Romantic Shoot at the Arizona Biltmore


My time at Showit United was, to say the least, AMAZING! More to come about my time at United soon, but I I couldn’t wait for my shoot with the incredible Ashley Rae Photography! I’ve been following Ashley since I started my business 3 years ago. She is an incredible creative who really inspires me with her work. You can find her work featured on Wedding Chicks, Bridal Musings, and Joy Wed + many more places. Ashley organized an intimate fine art shoot that I had the pleasure of attending along with 5 other wonderful photographers. I found myself at the Arizona Biltmore on Wednesday anxiously waiting my turn to see the setup for the afternoon and let me just say it did NOT disappoint! I wasn’t even prepared for all of the gorgeous details! We had a jaw dropping tablescape featuring delicate details, a dreamy ceremony site, a couple that looked as though they’d just stepped out of a magazine (which they essentially did!) and my personal fave - a champagne fountain! Yes, that’s right - a sweet little champagne fountain. Be still my heart. I had an hour and a half to work along side Ashley as she coached us through her processes and ways of approaching certain aspects of shooting. I had time to just be creative and to let myself be totally present in the moment. This is a shoot that I will never forget and that I will always be thankful to have been part of it!

Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-43.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-42.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-51.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-44.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-53.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-8.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-11.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-3.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-7.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-22.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-13.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-19.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-39.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-30.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-36.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-83.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-33.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-60.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-75.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-78.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-70.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-27.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-66.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-68.jpg
Intro to Film Styled Shoot - Phoenix, AZ-63.jpg

I truly can’t thank Ashley Rae Photography for organizing this incredible shoot enough! So many amazing vendors worked with this sweet woman to make this day happen!

Host: Ashley Rae Photography

Planner: Imoni Events

Suit: Fine Line Custom Attire

Hair: Pin and Primp

Makeup: The Sparkle Bar

Linen: La Tavola Linen

Table Rentals: The Confetti Studio

Rentals: Event Rents

Gown: Schaffers Bridal

Florals: Sarah’s Garden

Location: Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Invitation Suite: Foil and Ink

Cake: Ruze Cake House

Jewelry: Finer Jewelry

Shoes: Bella Bella

Model: FORD/ Robert Black Agency

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Rustic Rose Gold Wedding at Roseoak


I had so much fun with Cassidy and Vinnie on their wedding day at The Venue at Roseoak last weekend! This precious couple is joyful, pure of heart, and love each other like crazy! From the moment I met them I knew they would be a dream to work with. Cassidy and Vinnie have a great time whenever they’re together and I just adore the way they look at each other. I had no doubt that their wedding would be a romantic one full of tender moments, happy tears, and pure joy!

Cassidy planned the most amazing event! She knew that rose gold was going to be her go to color for the day and I immediately became obsessed with her details, gowns and florals when I saw them. Can we say dream come true?! She’s a school teacher so when I arrived, she had everything carefully laid out and assembled so that the team and I could hit the ground running. I’m pretty sure I could have shot her details all day long and never have gotten tired! I have to say that my favorite detail was Cassidy’s veil. It was hand made by her sweet mother, and it was TO DIE FOR! Seriously, I can only hope her mom starts making these one day for future brides because they’re a must have for the bride wanting a cathedral length veil! When Vinnie saw his future wife in her stunning Maggie Sottero gown and matching veil, he was overcome with emotion and we all cried at that point. It was the most darling of moments as were so many more that day!

Cassidy and Vinnie - your wedding is one I won’t soon be forgetting! Everything about it was PERFECT!! I hope you guys are enjoying your honeymoon in Jamaica and that you will love looking back on your wonderful event as much as I loved being part of it! I know you will have a long and happy life together! Big hugs, Shea

Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-3.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-22.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-9.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-12.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-20.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-17.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-19.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-8.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-25.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-120.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-30.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-31.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-50.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-49.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-122.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-5.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-54.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-46.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-55.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-56.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-123.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-124.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-61.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-66.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-63.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-126.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-65.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-69.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-21.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-127.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-64.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-58.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-72.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-35.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-75.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-38.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-40.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-77.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-71.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-37.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-76.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-73.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-34.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-96.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-128.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-129.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-99.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-100.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-101.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-102.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-103.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-78.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-81.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-83.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-85.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-84.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-87.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-90.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-93.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-92.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-131.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-115.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-113.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-116.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-117.jpg
Martino Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-118.jpg

I loved working with Cassidy & Vinnie’s amazing vendor team and I am so thankful to them for making this couples wedding day so special!

Venue: The Venue at Roseoak | Bride's Gown: Mimis Bridal | Bride's Shoes: Kate Spade | Groom's Tux: John White, Ltd. | Florals + Decor: Lisa Johnson | DJ: DJ George | Wedding Cakes: Catrina Byrd | Second Shooter: Tyler Cook | Beauty: PM Beauty - Paige McMurry + Victoria-Jayde Russell | Videography: Caty Waller | Caterer: Lakefront Grocery | Stationery: Shutterfly

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Colorful Fall Wedding at The McClain Lodge


What a fun time I had at Jamey and Shelle’s wedding last weekend! These two have been so wonderful to work with and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them over the past year. Everything about their wedding day was wonderful from the venue to the weather to the details carefully chosen (and some even designed!) by the bride herself. I had been looking forward to Jamey and Shellee’s event at the McClain Lodge for the longest time and I have to say that it did NOT disappoint! I could have started at the crack of dawn and still not have had enough time to photograph all of the beautiful spaces this venue has to offer its couples! Not to mention the weather was absolutely PERFECT for the weekends events! Jamey and Shellee truly couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day with the people they love most in the world.

When I met Jamey and Shellee I knew they would be a blast to work with! How did I know I would love being part of their journey?! Because they brought their dog with them to our meet and greet session!!! From that moment I was convinced we would be a perfect match! Sweet LD even joined his mom and dad at the McClain Lodge and stayed right by his dad’s side during the mornings getting ready festivities. If the picture of Jamey giving LD a kiss on the head doesn’t TOTALLY melt your heart, I don’t know what will! There were so many special moments throughout the day but I have to say one my very favorite was the bride and groom’s first look. Jamey’s face completely lit up when he saw Shellee in her stunning Eddy K gown. They spent the rest of their time just laughing and smiling from ear to ear with one another, and I loved getting to capture the joy they felt on their wedding day.

Shellee and Jamey - I can’t thank you enough for including me in your wedding experience! Your love for one another is so special and the way you look at each other is beautiful. Your wedding was just a dream to be a part of truly. I will always be grateful to know you guys and I hope you are having the best time ever on your honeymoon in Jamaica! It was an honor to be your wedding photographer!! Big hugs, Shea

Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-9.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-14.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-5.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-20.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-4.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-6.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-15.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-12.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 3_-3.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-28.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-27.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 2.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-3.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-31.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-32.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-36.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-34.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 3_-4.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 4.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-19.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 3_-2.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-45.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 3_-8.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 4-2.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-51.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-48.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-52.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-67.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-66.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-57.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 3_-10.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-56.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-59.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 3_-15.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-74.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-79.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-75.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 3_-16.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 3_-18.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 3_-17.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-87.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-90.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites 3_-19.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-93.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-94.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-96.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-97.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-68.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-70.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-69.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-98.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-86.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-100.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-105.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-107.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-106.jpg
Gamberi Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-116.jpg

A huge thank you to the amazing vendors that made Shellee and Jamey’s wedding the spectacular event that it was!

Venue: Mcclain Lodge | Bride's Gown: Bridal Path | Wedding Planner: Lulabelle Weddings and Events | Rings: Sollberger's | Bridal Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaid's Gowns: AZAZIE | Groom's Tux: Tuxes Too Formal Wear | Stationery: Fresh Ink | Decor: Sara Steen | Beauty: Molly Gee - Anna Catherine Hester Martin & Maci Davis McArthur | Florals: Green Oak Florals | Band: Hunter Gibson & the Gators | Cakes: Sara Steen | Second Shooter: Amelia Patterson

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2020 Fall Spokesmodel Shoot


What an awesome shoot it was this year with my 2020 spokesmodels! These girls are just the sweetest and have been such a blessing to work with. Preparing for my styled fall spokesmodel shoot every year is something I so look forward to. It is an event that highlights the bond the girls have established over the past several months while also featuring an incredible team of vendors. I couldn’t do this shoot without my wonderful vendors! I truly can’t thank the fabulous boss ladies who helped me organize this years session enough! It is with a grateful heart that I thank Eve Marie’s Boutique, Robin Malone Makeup, Charlana Davis, and Leah Parker of Simply Chic Salon for styling everything so perfectly for my girls!

This year, we started the morning off getting all dolled up in a fantastic suite provided by the Holiday Inn Hattiesburg. While the girls spent their time getting their makeup done by the insanely talented Robin Malone and their hair perfectly styled by two of my favorites: Charlana and Leah, I soaked up every second I could with them. The months really fly by when working with my girls. It always seems like it’s May before I know it and I end up feeling like I just hosted their Meet and Greet session. Once the ladies were styled from head to toe, we headed to the farm for a shoot I will always remember! Each spokesmodel looked gorgeous in their outfits provided by the amazing ladies of Eve Marie’s and perfectly styled makeup and hair! You can shop all of these gorgeous fall looks now at Eve Marie’s! I am SO excited about how this years event turned out, and am so thankful to my amazing 2020 team for helping make it the success that it was!!! Big hugs to everyone for all of their help!

2020 Spokesmodel Fall Shoot_-27.jpg
2020 Spokesmodel Fall Shoot_-38.jpg
2020 Spokesmodel Fall Shoot_-18.jpg
2020 Spokesmodel Fall Shoot_-30.jpg
2020 Spokesmodel Fall Shoot_-35.jpg
2020 Spokesmodel Fall Shoot_-29.jpg
2020 Spokesmodel Fall Shoot_-22.jpg
2020 Spokesmodel Fall Shoot_-41.jpg
2020 Spokesmodel Fall Shoot_-57.jpg
2020 Spokesmodel Fall Shoot_-21.jpg
2020 Spokesmodel Fall Shoot_-37.jpg

I really am SO grateful to the wonderful folks who participated in this years shoot! It was such a wonderful experience working with this amazing vendor team, and I am so honored to call each of them friends!

Eve Marie’s Boutique

Robin Malone Makeup

Simply Chic Hair Salon - Leah Parker & Charlana Davis

Holiday Inn Hattiesburg

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Rustic and Rosy Wedding at Fair Oaks Farm


I’ll always love looking back on Anna and Jacob’s perfect wedding at Fair Oaks Farm! I remember messaging her the next day and telling her that as the team and I drove home the night before we couldn’t stop talking about how perfect everything was the entire day. Anna and her crew truly planned a flawless event. Everything was magical from the details put together by the bride, to the wedding location, to the moment Jacob saw his beautiful wife to be for the very first time walking down the aisle. I cried, the groom cried, their families cried - there wasn’t a dry eye to be found anywhere. It was such a beautiful, emotional ceremony. Their months of planning and years of dating had all come down to these precious few moments when they would become husband and wife.

The couple met while attending East Mississippi Community College and had an immediate connection. For Anna’s 21st birthday, Jacob took her to Disney World and the two later spent 4 months in Orlando working for Disney as part of an internship program. Jacob and Anna incorporated details of Disney here and there throughout their day as a tribute to their magical proposal. If you’re looking for a fairytale kind of proposal - pop the question like Jacob did to Anna with the Magic Kingdom as your backdrop! #swooning I was smitten with these two from the moment I met them, and have loved being part of their amazing journey. Working with Jacob and Anna was a true joy and I felt right at home among their family and friends on the day of their wedding. This couple loves each so other well. They build one another up, have rooted their romance in Christ, and have laid a solid foundation on which their relationship will continue to grow.

Anna and Jacob - your wedding day was every bit as perfect as you guys are! I loved capturing how you make each other smile and seeing the depth of your love for not only one another but for your loved ones. It was truly the most magical of days. I can’t thank you enough for letting me be part of such an amazing time in your lives. It means more than I can ever tell you that you entrusted me to capture your best day ever! I can’t wait for you to look back through some of my favorites from your gorgeous event! Big hugs, Shea

Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-6.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-14.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-17.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-5.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-19.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-16.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-12.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-29.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-28.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-11.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-26.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-25.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-73.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-37.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-35.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-10.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-38.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-53.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-43.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-7.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-47.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-48.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-62.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-64.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-60.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-66.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-70.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-57.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-71.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-31.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-81.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-84.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-85.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-86.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-89.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-90.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-91.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-94.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-97.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-96.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-104.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-113.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-108.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-13.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-123.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-111.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-118.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-102.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-76.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-75.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-133.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-128.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-134.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-129.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-135.jpg
Hemphill Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-136.jpg

Anna and Jacob had the best day! I’m so thankful to have been part of it and am incredibly grateful to their vendor team for being so fabulous to work with!

Venue: Fair Oaks Farm - Panola, Alabama
Bride's Gown: David's Bridal
Groom's Tux: Faulkenberys Meridian
Invitations: Shutterfly
Beauty: Sarah Dudley/Abby Roberts
Florist: Robin King
Cakes: Ben Dudley/Denise Roberts
Second Shooter: Tyler Cook

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Emily and Luke’s wedding was a timeless, elegant event! This bride and groom planned a fantastic affair that would leave everyone talking! When I met Luke and Emily, I knew they would be fun to work with. They make each other smile from ear to ear. It was easy to tell that theirs was a fairytale kind of love. The two have known each other since childhood, dated while in highschool, and reconnected during football season while Emily was attending Mississippi State. While the proposal was intimate, Luke and Emily kicked off their engagement by celebrating with their dearest family and friends. That celebration would continue through the next several months leading up to their spectacular wedding, and I feel so blessed to have been able to play a small role in their adventure!

Greengates Farmhouse is a stunning rustic venue located in Stringer, Mississippi. It’s simply gorgeous with lots of sprawling acreage, large lake, and beautiful grounds. The inside of the venue is absolutely breathtaking with its brick foyer, natural lighting and lodge like feeling. The upstairs portion of the venue takes your breath away when you see the space. It was the perfect spot for Emily and Luke’s wedding! Throughout the day, I couldn’t help finding myself in awe of the planning and thoughtful attention to detail orchestrated by the amazing bride. True elegance was the reverberating theme for this particular event. While the getting ready portion of the day and the reception were to take place at Greengates, the ceremony itself was held at Raleigh Baptist Church. The couple was surrounded by so many that love them as they said their vows before God, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. After saying, “I do"“, the new bride and groom were showered with rose petals as they exited from the church where they drove away into the sunset in a sporty, black convertible. They were then welcomed back to Greengates to dance the night away with their loved ones as husband and wife. With the twinkle lights glowing, Emily and Luke enjoyed a celebration that was every bit as perfect as they are.

Emily and Luke - I could go back and photograph your day over and over again and never get tired! I have absolutely loved getting to know you two and seeing how much you adore each other. Your life together will be a very blessed and happy one I am sure. Thank you for choosing me to be part of your journey to becoming Mr. and Mrs.! Your event is one I will always remember!! I hope you enjoy looking back on your dreamy day! Big hugs, Shea

Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-2.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-11.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-7.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-8.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-20.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-25.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-22.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-80.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-35.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-33.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-9.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-24.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-30.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-90.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-78.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-77.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-107.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-38.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-55.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-54.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-40.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-23.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-44.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-52.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-48.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-53.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-61.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-63.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-72.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-60.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-73.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-76.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-108.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-81.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-79.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-112.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-93.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-113.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-94.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-114.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-117.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-95.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-96.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-21.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites 2-5.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-69.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-67.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-110.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-118.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites 2-6.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites_-102.jpg
Tally Wedding - Shea's Favorites 2-7.jpg

Emily and Luke had the absolute best vendor team and I can’t thank them enough for making their day amazing!

Venue: Green Gates Farmhouse
Bride's Gown: Bridal Path
Florist: Still Magnolia Floral Design
Bridesmaid's Gowns: Morilee
Invitations: Stephen's Printing & Stationery Limited
Catering: Micah Gatlin
Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist: Kaelyn Shirley Graham
Wedding Cakes: Melinda Ward
Second Shooter: Sarah Clark

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Delightful Soft Blue & Pink Wedding at Rasberry Greene


I can’t say enough great things about Taylor and Alex’s wedding day at Rasberry Greene! This couple is so easy going, joyful, and have hearts of pure gold. I met Taylor and Alex over lunch and I knew working with them was going to be so much fun. We talked over wedding plans, how the couple met and our mutual love for our furbabies. I’ve never met anyone else who has a Chorkie like my Shadow but Taylor and Alex actually have two! This couple loves animals every bit as much as I do so there was no doubt about me absolutely adoring them.

Taylor and Alex’s story began when they met working at Anderson’s Hospital. They bonded over a shared love for their professions, dogs and Grey’s Anatomy. The two dated for about a year when Alex proposed. The groom originally planned to propose at midnight on Taylor’s birthday, but as luck would have it, a bad storm would knock out the power and totally change up his plan. Alex lit several candles and popped the question with a little help from George Strait and the pups. It was such a romantic proposal and Taylor couldn’t have been more surprised.

Rasberry Greene was the perfect location for Taylor and Alex’s wedding day! The couple knew they could see themselves getting married among the pines with the large lake as their backdrop after touring the venue. It’s always easy to see why couples choose Rasberry Greene because the owners are the very definition of kindness, the grounds are stunning, the bridal suite is jaw dropping, and the Gin itself has a rustic yet intimate feel. I seriously love how much Mr. Donnie, Mrs. Lauren and Ms. Becky always go above and beyond for their couples and they bend over backwards to make their day every bit the fairy tale they want it to be. From the moment we arrived and started shooting, Taylor and Alex couldn’t have been more merry and gracious. It was the dreamiest of days truly. There were so many precious moments, gorgeous details, and times I found myself wishing their day would never end!

Taylor and Alex - I can’t thank you guys enough for letting me be part of your celebration! Yours is a day I won’t ever forget and I feel so blessed to have played a small part in it. I just think the world of you both, and know you are going to have the happiest life together! I hope you enjoy looking back on your wedding day as much as I loved being part of it! Big hugs, Shea

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