When I started my business, I had a Canon Rebel t5, a shooting and editing course under my belt, and a WHOLE lot of dreams! While things have changed a quite a bit since then (lots of new gear + education!), the one thing that hasn’t is my dedication to serving my clients well and creating a one of a kind, FUN experience for them! I want to give you the kind of shoot I would want to have - that’s one where I’m super comfortable, laugh like crazy and walk away feeling like I just made a new best friend! You’ll find me pulling out all of the stops to capture those genuine smiles that we all love to see!

On wedding days, I’m your photographer but I’ve also been known to fluff your train, make your dinner plates, put your veil in, have water and snacks at the ready, put your shoes on for you and a whole other assortment of things BUT my personal fave is boogieing down with you on the dance floor! Yes, your girl likes to dance a little bit and even though I have ZERO rhythm, I always have a great time. I have also been known to shed a tear or two. We’ve spent so much time together over the last several months preparing you guys for this moment and to see it all come true for you just gets me EVERY TIME. I will bend over backwards to make sure your wedding day is nothing less than amazing! Even after the wedding, you’ll still find me here in your corner cheering you on in life and finding any excuse to celebrate YOU!!

Thank you for dropping in on me! It means SO much that you took the time to visit my with me for a bit, and I can’t wait to get to know each other!

Big hugs, Shea



We’re a collection of romantics, overachievers, and die hard enthusiasts! We go above and beyond to make your wedding day the experience of a lifetime! Plus, we’re just really great friends that love hanging out and laughing with each other! Trust us with your day - we won’t let you down!

Videographer & Second Shooters


Tyler Cook, Owner of Redsail, LLC - Videographer + Second Shooter


Timothy Samuel King - Second Shooter

Wedding Day Assistants

Chrissy & Justin-4.jpg

Chrissy Loftus

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Courtney Shoemaker